How to Beast: Is David de la Morenas the Real Deal? (How To Know If You Need His Advice)

If you're reading this article, you've probably watched a few How To Beast videos and gotten acquainted with its host, David de la Morenas. Now, you want to know if it's the real deal and if his advice is worth taking.

This article will answer those questions and more. You're about to learn:

  • What How To Beast is all about
  • Who the How To Beast guy is, and what he does
  • How much How To Beast makes
  • Whether How To Beast's advice is worth taking

Let's get started with the basics:

What is How To Beast?

How To Beast is a YouTube channel offering fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle advice. It's hosted by David de la Morenas, who has over ten years of experience in the fitness industry.

What makes How To Beast unique is that its advice is based on science and real-world experience. David offers no false promises or empty claims; he provides actionable advice that works.

That said, many How To Beast videos are sponsored, and you'll get portions where David or his wife Julia (or both) promotes a health and fitness product. Naturally, as with any commercial product, your mileage may vary with those they promote.

Who is the How to Beast guy?

David de la Morenas is the host of How To Beast and the owner of How To Beast LLC. He is responsible for creating and producing all the How To Beast YouTube channel content. He regularly creates content with his wife Julia, a fitness personality in her own right.

How Much Does How to Beast Make?

How much money the How To Beast YouTube channel makes in a year is difficult to estimate. However, given that it has over 1 million subscribers, they likely make a considerable amount of money.

David de la Morenas has estimated that he and his wife make around $100,000 per year from the How To Beast YouTube channel. This number is likely on the lower end as the channel continues to grow in popularity.

Is How To Beast worth taking advice from?

In general, yes. While there are some sponsored videos and products that you may disagree with, most of the advice offered by David de la Morenas is solid and sound.

That said, most of David's advice centers on physical fitness and mental toughness, and it only sometimes goes into the social aspect of personal development. That means you want to get your guidance elsewhere if you're looking to develop your social confidence.

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