How To Be Yourself And Act Naturally On A First Date (Effective)

If you want to have a great love life, then it's gonna be important to know how to act naturally and be yourself on a first date.

Of course, if you're already a confident guy, this is not a question to you because you don't have to act.

However, for many guys this is a sticking point because as soon as the nerves come up, their confident personality just gets up and leaves.

In this post, you'll learn:

  • Some strategies to help you act natural and feel more confident in your first dates
  • The ideal mindset to be confident on a first date

And so much more. Let's jump into it.

How To Be Yourself And Act Naturally On A First Date

The question about how to act on the first date is a little bit tricky because the answer is always going to be: just be yourself.

While that's true, it's also terrible advice. If you are a confident guy, you're going to walk into your date, and you're just going to be who you are.

Your natural personality is going to come out automatically, which is why you're not going to be self-conscious. Instead, you're going to be focused on your date.

Let's call this "you mode", which basically is being yourself. But it takes on a whole new meaning when you're not confident.

The you when you're around your friends is going to be a completely different guy than the you around your date who you're nervous around.

So, the real key here is to get enough experience so that when you go on first dates, it's nothing new or special. That way you'll always bring the confident you with you.

Until you get that experience so you can be more confident on your first dates, there are a few things you can do to act more naturally and be yourself on your first dates:

Steps To Be Yourself And Act Naturally On A First Date

Here are some simple mindsets and tricks to act more naturally and be confident on your first dates:

#1. Act Like Your Ideal Man

This is a bit of a contradiction, since you're not being you.

But hey, in reality the you you want to be is not going to come out on your first date because you're too nervous.

So, emulate someone you respect, it can be a celebrity, it doesn't matter. Emulate the cool they exhibit or their attitudes so you can take a little bit of that on your first date.

#2. Use Confident Body Language

Act with a confident guy's body language. The chances are if you're nervous, you're not going to be exhibiting a lot of confident body language.

Pay attention to things like putting your hands in your pockets. Take your hands out, keep your head up, keep your chin up, don't look at the ground, don't roll your shoulders forward or breathe shallow.

All these kinds of things are really important because they're going to communicate a lot to the girl you're with, but they're also going to be communicating to your own brain, telling yourself how confident you are.

You can instantly make yourself feel more confident just by standing straight or sitting tall.

#3. Be Calm, Cool And Collected

Remember these three words when you're on a date and you start getting nervous, fidgeting or screwing up in some kind of other way.

Just remember, hey, be calm, cool and collected. You gotta coach yourself, you've got to tell yourself to shut up and get on track.

Otherwise, everything will fall apart. You need something that's going to anchor yourself to being the more confident you.

#4. Focus On Your Date

Take your attention off of yourself and focus on your date, because, hey, you're there to make a connection.

So, focus on her and stop being so self-conscious and thinking about yourself. It's going to make the whole date much smoother.

With some time in practice and getting out on a lot more dates, you'll naturally start being able to be yourself.

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Steps To Be Yourself And Act Naturally On A First Date (Summary)

Here are the tips you need to remember to be more confident on your next date:

  1. Act like your ideal man: emulate someone you respect so that you can take some of their attitudes on your first date
  2. Use confident body language: it’ll communicate a lot to the girl you’re with and also to your brain so you can be more confident
  3. Be calm, cool and collected: keeping this attitude will help you stay on track and anchor yourself to your most confident version
  4. Focus on your date: remember, you’re there to make a connection, so focusing on your date will help assuring that it’s as smooth as possible 

If you have any questions or comments, leave them below.

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