How To Approach Women In Your 40's (Best Way To Upgrade Your Dating Life)

Are you a middle aged man and you want to get some dates or a relationship?

If so, you're gonna want to learn how to approach women in your 40's.

In this post, I'm going to explain:

  • How you can approach women as a man in your 40's
  • What you can expect from learning how to meet women this way
  • Why it might be the best decision you ever made

And a lot more. Let's jump into it.

Why Learning How To Approach Women For Men In Their 40's Is A Good Idea

If you're a middle aged man, you might feel a little bit limited about how you can meet women.

If you go into online dating or apps, automatically you're going to be filtered out by younger girls who set an age range.

You could try match-making, but now you're going to be at the mercy of a matchmaker and the matches they get for you.

And then there are the usual scenarios, such as meeting women at work or at a bar or getting introduced by friends.

But none of these are really ideal for most men in their 40's, especially not meeting women at work.

So, to really expand your options and take control of your love life, learning how to approach women can be one of the best decisions you ever made as a man.

You can start meeting women every single day, every time you leave your door, whether you go shopping, doing errands, or even walking down the street.

You can let your personality and your character speak for you instead of your online stats.

What To Expect When Approaching Women As A Middle Aged Man

Well, you can expect women to be actually really nice. Even when women aren't interested, they'll often be very flattered.

And even if they're taken, same thing. They're going to be very flattered and you're going to make their day.

A lot of women appreciate it when a man has the balls to walk up and talk to her, as long as you know how to do it the right way.

You can expect it may take some time to get good at it. But with practice, you're going to be able to start getting dates, and sometimes that happens right away.

How To Approach Women In Your 40's

Here are the basics of what to do if you want to go approach a woman:

#1. Get Her Attention

Just say, "Excuse me" so you get her attention, and then you can start a conversation from there.

#2. Be Direct

Tell her why you're there, tell her why you came to talk to her.

You thought she was really cute and she had a great sense of style.

#3. Get To Know Her

Get to know her and have a conversation.

#4. Ask Her Out

For more details about how to approach and do it properly, check out this post.

But before you go, we'll go over how looks affect your dating life for middle aged men. As a man in your forties, you need to be on top of this.

How To Improve Looks And Confidence For Men In Their 40's

For younger guys, it's a lot easier. It's easier to stay in shape generally.

However, you need to be a lot sharper as an older man. You're competing with younger guys, so you need to be better than ever.

The good news is most women are attracted to older men, but you have to be on top of how you take care of yourself.

It's not all about looks, though. Your confidence, your personality and your character are all going to come into play here.

You can build your confidence talking to women by talking to women.

You do have some advantages, because you have experience and you have a lifestyle you've created over the years, and that's going to give you an edge over younger guys.

And of course, looks can also affect your confidence as well, so you'll want to have all your bases covered.

Here are some things to improve looks and confidence for men in their 40's:

#1. Fitness

This is really important to stay on top of.

It's going to make you feel a lot more confident, which is to be projected to the women you talk to.

You don't need to have a six pack, but you definitely don't want to have a keg down there either.

#2. Diet

Diet is going to affect your fitness, obviously, and it's also going to affect your energy levels, which is going to in turn affect your confidence.

#3. Style

Dress on purpose. You don't have to dress fancy, but you don't want to look like you're wearing a garbage bag either.

Choose what you tell the world about yourself and what you wear is going to be a big part of that.

#4. Hair

Hair matters.

I had a client who showed up once for a bootcamp, a really cool guy, but he just really didn't pay attention to his looks for some reason. His hair was all kind of messy.

He hadn't had a haircut in probably a couple of months, and I got him to go to a barber shop, get cleaned up, and it made an amazing difference.


Here are the steps to build more confidence:

  1. Fitness: it's going to make you feel a lot more confident
  2. Diet: it'll affect your fitness and energy levels
  3. Dress on purpose: choose what you tell the world about yourself and what you wear is going to be a big part of that
  4. Take care of your hair

And some steps to approach women in your 40’s:

  1. Get her attention
  2. Be direct
  3. Get to know her
  4. Ask her out

For full details on how to approach women, check out this post.

If you have any questions or comments, leave them below.

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