How To Approach Women In Clubs - 10 Simple Steps

If you're into the nightlife, you love to party and you want to meet women at clubs but you don't know how, then you're probably wondering how to approach women in clubs.

If that's you, then stay on this post. You'll learn:

  • How to approach women in clubs
  • An alternative to meet women outside of clubs, especially if you want to get a relationship

And a lot more. Keep reading to find out:

How To Approach Women In Clubs

Clubs are a great place to meet hot young women, especially if you're into the party scene.

But there's a lot of competition, so you need to bring your A-game.

The good news is there's going to be lots of options. You're going to have lots of opportunities to try and try and try again.

So, here are ten guidelines to help you approach women in clubs and get more success:

#1. Energy

You really have to bring high energy in this kind of environment because it's a high-energy environment.

Everyone's there to have fun and to meet people and enjoy themselves.

#2. Make Eye Contact

Make strong eye contact. Be interesting to women.

I remember one situation where I was at a club and it was on the dance floor and there were tons of people everywhere.

And it was like the movies where everything kind of goes into slow-motion, I could see her looking at me through the crowd and I was looking at her.

So, I just reached my arm out and she put her hand in my hand and I got her over.

#3. Dance

Not my personal favorite because I don't like dancing, but dancing is a great way to meet women. It's part of the fun.

There's going to be lots of women on the dance floor. So get out there.

#4. Don't Be A Wallflower

You don't want to be standing against the wall and have your drink kind of going across your chest and not looking like you're having a good time.

#5. Have Fun

The more fun you're having, the more interesting and more attractive you are going to be to the women in the club.

They're there to have fun, and if you're a fun guy, that's going to be a perfect match.

#6. Bring An Entourage

It doesn't hurt to have some social proof. It is not necessary, you don't need social proof and in fact, you can go by yourself.

But if you have friends, especially attractive female friends, it's great to bring them to a club.

It shows that you've already been chosen by other people, and it's going to be a little bit easier to gain their trust and interest.

#7. Approach As Many Women As You Can

Don't stop at one woman just because you got a rejection or somebody's not interested or they dance away to the other side of the dance floor.

You've got to go and try again. It doesn't matter how many women see it, you want to go try and approach as many of them as possible until you get success.

#8. Make Out

This is pretty common on the dance floor.

All you have to do is start dancing with somebody and if they're into you and you start dancing close, you just go for a kiss.

#9. Invite Her Home

If you've met a good girl and you're having fun with her, invite her home.

Be very casual about it. Just say, "Hey, let's go somewhere else" and you can go somewhere else, you can go grab some fries or whatever you want to do, and then from there invite her home.

Or skip that part and invite her straight home, say, "Hey, let's go back to my place."

And that reminds me of sort of a funny story, I met these five girls and I used sort of a cheesy line.

It was a joke and they made fun of me for it. But then they invited me over to the club with them.

So, I went over to the club and the girl I really liked, she was very attractive and hot, we ended up making out and fooled around a little bit in front of her friends.

I asked her home and then she said, "I'm not like that." And that kind of blew my mind.

But hey, you never know what you're going to get. You just gotta try.

And if you keep doing that, you're going to get success. They will go home with you eventually.

#10. Do This Often

You can't get good unless you're doing this often. You want to start developing some good habits and getting confident in approaching women in the club.

But as long as you enjoy going to the club, then hey, why not? Go have fun there.

Don't just focus on the girls, but go and try to talk to as many girls as possible.

Make sure you're having fun while you're doing it and then you can't lose no matter what.

But, let's be real here. Clubs aren't a good place to meet women for relationships. It can work out, but it's not the greatest place.

So, if you want to meet attractive women for a relationship, there is an alternative.

Check out this post to learn how to approach women in public without the use of alcohol.

Steps To Approach Women In Clubs

Here are the ten guidelines to help be more successful when approaching women in clubs:

  1. Energy: always bring high energy to clubs
  2. Make eye contact: strong eye contact will help you be more interesting to women
  3. Dance: it's a great way to meet women and part of the fun. Get out there!
  4. Don't be a wallflower: avoid looking like you're not having a good time
  5. Have fun: it'll make you more interesting and attractive to the women in the club
  6. Bring an entourage: if you bring friends to the club, it'll be a easier to gain women's trust and interest
  7. Approach as many women as you can: try and approach as many of them as possible until you get success
  8. Make out: start dancing with somebody and if they're into you and you start dancing close, go for a kiss
  9. Invite her home: be very casual about it. Say, "Hey, let's go somewhere else" or "Hey, let's go back to my place"
  10. Do this often: make sure you're having fun while you're doing it and then you can't lose no matter what

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