How To Approach Women At Parties (Do this)

How do you approach women at parties?

In this post, you'll learn:

  • How to approach single women and groups
  • How to make a connection fast
  • How to have a conversation with a woman at a party

And much more. Keep reading to find out more:

Signs That A Woman Wants You To Approach

Keep in mind that to approach women at parties, you don't need to see signs that they want you to approach.

But, it's always nice if you get a cue. Just don't rely on it because you're not going to get all the girls that you want to approach giving you those signs.

Eye Contact

Look for eye contact. If a girl makes direct eye contact with you and holds it, that's usually a good sign that she wants you to approach. It may not always be the case, but at least she knows you exist now and it's easier to approach.

Pay Attention To Shyness

Let's say you see her, make eye contact and she keeps looking away with a big smile on her face. That may be a good sign that she wants you to approach.

Look For Smiles

Also, pay attention to smiles. If a girl is smiling at you, that's a great sign that she wants you to approach. And you're going to be open to a friendly reception, most likely, and hanging around you.

How To Approach Women At Parties When They're Alone

If this girl happens to show up everywhere you go, it's a pretty good sign that she wants you to talk to her. So, how do you approach girls when they're alone?

Approach With Confidence

That means putting 100% of your effort in. Don't go in unmotivated and speaking with a quiet voice. It's not going to help you if you're going to make the effort to go try in the first place.

Show motivation and do your best without focusing on thinking if she's going to reject you or not. Your odds at making a connection are going to be a lot better if you put 100% of your effort in.

Make eye contact. Stand up tall. Don't put your hands in your pocket or do any other things that show nervous behavior.

Use A Simple Conversation Opener

To use a non canned opener, observe the room, the environment you're in. Anything you see is a prompt for you to use as an opener. It doesn't matter what it is.

You can say almost anything as long as you say it confidently. That means with a smile on your face and a strong voice. Use a simple opener, like asking her who she knows there or what brought her to the party.

Make Strong Eye Contact

It will make you look more confident, and it will also help you make a stronger connection faster. You don't want your eyes to be darting around the room or looking at the ground.

You're going to be looking straight into her eyes. And the smile on your face is going to show a lot of confidence, which is what is attractive to women.

Make Her Smile

Give her a smile if you can. Tease her a bit about the fact that she's alone or she's creeping on the party. Whatever you decide, it would be great to put a smile on her face.

And if you can get a smile on her face, she's going to be much more likely to want to continue the conversation with you.

How To Approach Women At Parties When They're In A Group

How do you approach a girl when she's with a group of friends or just another friend?

In this case, usually it makes sense to approach the whole group. Say something in the group, ask them what brought them there, who they know at the party. Same thing as you would for a single woman.

You can even go over and “cheers” them if you have a drink and they have drinks as well, which is most likely at a party. After making contact with the group, you can now put all your focus onto the girl you like and start to learn about her.

How To Have A Conversation With A Woman At A Party

The next step is how to have a conversation with a woman at a party.

Learn About Her

To keep the conversation going, learn about her. Learn what she does and why she does it, what's important to her, and you can also learn about her interests as well.

But, avoid jumping around from topic to topic. You don't want to end up coming off like an interrogator or some kind of interview. Pick one topic that's about her and get her to open up and share about herself.

Ask Open-ended Questions

Ask open ended questions. They will get her to open up and share a lot more, as opposed to closed ended questions. If you ask closed ended questions, they may get you a yes or no answer and that pretty much leaves you dead in the water.

If you need to ask another question again, it may lead to an interview style conversation.

Lead the conversation. Don't be a leaf in the wind. Have an intent, a purpose in your conversation to get her to open up and share.

Use Touch

Depending on the situation and how warm you get to each other, you can use different levels of touch. Proceed with caution.

Pay attention to her signals. If she leans away from you, you're most likely going too fast.

But, usually, you're going to start by touching something like the elbow. Maybe the hand or the shoulder very briefly, but if she warms up to you quickly then that can escalate fast.

Speak With A Strong Voice

And lastly, speak with a strong voice. When you speak with a quiet voice or a soft voice, usually it's showing insecurity. Or that you're not super confident in that situation.

You're to speak like a boss. Speak to be heard. Take a full breath and use the full strength of your natural voice.

Steps To Approach Women At Parties

Here is a summary of the steps you can follow when approaching women at parties:

  • Signs that a woman wants you to approach: Keep in mind that to approach, you don't need to see signs that they want you to do it. But, there are three main signs you can look for:
  1. Eye contact.
  2. Shyness.
  3. A smile.
  • How to approach women at parties when they're alone: For this, there are four things for you to consider:
  1. Always approach with confidence.
  2. Use a simple conversation opener
  3. Make strong eye contact.
  4. Make her smile.
  • How to approach women at parties when they're in a group:
  1. Approach the whole group.
  2. “Cheers” them if you have a drink and they have drinks as well.
  3. After that, you can focus on the girl you like.
  • How to have a conversation with a woman at a party:
  1. Learn about her.
  2. Ask open-ended questions.
  3. Use touch.
  4. Speak with a strong voice.

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