How To Approach Women After Divorce (10 Best Ways To Get A Date)

Did you recently go through a breakup?

And now you're wondering, how do I approach women after divorce?

In this post, I'm going to explain:

  • What you can do to get back into the dating game after a divorce or a long term relationship
  • Why is it important to approach women after divorce

And a lot more. Keep reading to find out:

Why Is Approaching Women After Divorce Important

Here’s the list of reasons:

  1. You're taking charge
  2. You're getting to choose who you date
  3. You're going to develop social skills that you never had before
  4. You're going to develop confidence with women like never before
  5. You're going to develop assertiveness that you probably lost during your relationship

I consulted a guy once and he told me about how he and his ex-wife, who he was still on good terms with, told him that after their divorce that she felt like she was wearing the pants the entire time.

He thought just because she was an ambitious woman with her own business that she wanted him to take the backseat. And that just wasn't true.

He lost his balls, he lost his assertiveness, and she ended up losing attraction for him.

Maybe this is similar to your story, and if that's the case, approaching women shows you a level of assertiveness to get that attraction back from women, as well as your own self-respect.

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How Can You Overcome Dating Inertia

There are some steps to overcome the inertia that you've experienced after being in a long term relationship along with the lack of confidence and assertiveness.

#1. Join A Social Club

Go to a social club, do the things you enjoy, and you'll have a chance to meet other people and other women who are interested in the same things.

This will give you a good chance to practice your conversations and start feeling more comfortable around them.

#2. Start Saying Hi To People

When you're walking down the street in the morning, just say "Good morning" and make some eye contact.

#3. Make Conversation

This could be with anyone who serves you, like a coffee shop barista or it could be your waitress.

Basically, you have a captive audience and it's easier to start conversations with them.

#4. Start Hanging Out With Friends Again

Start hanging out with friends again or reconnect with them.

A lot of the time when guys get into long term relationships, they lose contact with their friends, and that's a huge mistake.

Now it's a really good chance to reconnect with them as well as starting to make new friends.

#5. Learn How To Approach

That's why you're here, of course. Check out this post that has the full details on how to do a natural approach.

Disclaimer: I may receive affiliate commissions at no cost to you for purchases made through links below.

#6. Practice Eye Contact

A lot of guys when they lose confidence lose the ability to hold strong eye contact, and you need that to create attraction.

You can do that simply with the people you're dealing with the waitress, the barista, your friends, anyone you talk to.

And even when you're walking down the street, just try to make eye contact.

Don't stare anyone down, but very gently, look around and scan. If you can make eye contact with somebody and they hold it very often, you get a smile from a woman. That's always nice too.

#7. Posture

A lot of guys have really bad posture, and that contributes to a lack of confidence.

Make sure your hands are out of your pockets, your shoulders are not rolled forward, your neck isn't craning forward.

You're going to probably have to do some exercises to strengthen your upper back muscles so you can hold your body in the right position.

Bad posture looks like insecurity, and it feels like insecurity too.

#8. Get Back In The Gym

Start working on your fitness again, because it's going to make you feel a whole lot better when you start shedding fat and start building muscle.

Being soft and marshmallowy doesn't make anyone feel confident, and especially dealing with women.

#9. Revisit Old Interests

You might have dropped some interest while you were in your relationship because it just didn't seem practical or your wife wasn't into it.

Now it's time to pick up those old interests and your old hobbies and start doing what you want to do.

#10. Do Something You've Put Off

Do something you've put off since getting into the relationship. That could be a trip, that could be reconnecting with family members.

Whatever it is, go do that right now and start exercising your freedom as a single man.

Check out this post to go into full details on how to approach.

Disclaimer: I may receive affiliate commissions at no cost to you for purchases made through links below.

Steps To Get Back In The Dating Game (Summary)

Here's what you can do to overcome dating inertia:

  1. Join a social club: you'll meet other people and other women who share that interest
  2. Start saying hi to people: say "good morning" and make some eye contact
  3. Make conversation: start conversations with anyone who serves you
  4. Start hanging out with friends again: reconnect with old friends and star making new ones
  5. Learn how to approach: focus on learning how to do a natural approach
  6. Practice eye contact: you need strong eye contact to create attraction
  7. Posture: bad posture looks and feels like insecurity
  8. Get back in the gym: it'll make you feel more confident, especially when dealing with women
  9. Revisit old interests: it's time to pick up old interests and hobbies to start doing what you want to do
  10. Do something you've put off: start exercising your freedom as a single man

If you have any questions or comments, leave them below.

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