How To Approach Virgo Women - 5 Things To Remember

Are you here to learn how to approach a Virgo woman? Then there are a few things you should know.

For starters, Virgos are known for being perfectionists, and they're also independent, analytical, and often quite critical.

However, if you can get past a Virgo woman's initial aloofness, you'll find that she's warm, loyal, and sensible. Keep reading for tips on how to attract a Virgo woman.

You're about to learn:

  • How Virgo women like to be approached
  • 5 things to remember when approaching a Virgo women
  • Answers to some frequently asked questions about Virgo women in love

Let's jump to it.

How Virgo Women Like to Be Approached

Contrary to popular belief, you needn't be perfect to attract a Virgo woman. Instead, you just need to keep five things in mind as you make your move:

Be Confident

One of the most important things to remember when trying to impress a Virgo woman is to be confident. This doesn't mean you need to be cocky or braggy—just believe in yourself and your ability to win her over.

The first and perhaps most important way to show confidence is when you approach her for the first time. And believe it or not — it's actually relatively easy.

Simply approach her from the side, wave a hand, and say: "Excuse me." That's it.

It's simple, yet most men can't bring themselves to do it. Rise above most men by having the confidence to approach.

Be Honest

Virgo women value honesty highly, so you must be upfront with her from the beginning. Don't play games or trick her—she'll see right through it, and only make her more guarded.

Instead, just be honest about your intentions and let things progress naturally. And one of the best ways to show this honesty is through your first compliment, which you give right after you approach her.

For instance, you can say:

"I was walking to the beach line when I saw you walk past, and I just had to say hello because I thought you looked nice today."

She'll appreciate your honesty if your compliment is genuine, harmless, and positive. And she'll reward you with a minute or two of her full attention.

Appreciate Her Quirks

Even though they can be frustrating at times, Virgo women's quirks are actually what make them unique. You'd be wise to appreciate them.

Whether it's her need for order or her occasional moodiness, these are just part of who she is—and once you learn to love them, she'll know that you really care about her.

You'll get many opportunities to show you appreciate her quirks during your conversations. Even if you're talking for the very first time, nothing's stopping you from saying:

"You're weird, and I love it," or "You're kooky. It's awesome. Can we be friends?"

It's a great way to show you're non-judgmental and make an emotional connection with her. It's a quick, easy way into a Virgo woman's heart.

Be Patient

Virgo women can be slow to warm up to new people, so you must be patient when trying to win her over. Give her time to get comfortable with you, and don't try to push things too fast.

If you play your cards right, she'll eventually come around. After approaching her for the first time, get her number instead of asking her out then and there.

For instance, you can say: "Hey, thanks for your time. Can I get your number? I want to ask you out for coffee sometime."

Of course, if she says something like, "Actually, I'm going for coffee right now. Care to join me?" you know you've done it right.

Don't Take It Personally

Lastly, when a Virgo woman is critical, it's essential not to take it personally; she just has high standards and wants things to be done right. And if you flub your approach and she tries to disengage from your interaction, let her go. Don't take it personally.

Later on in your relationship, if you can learn to take her constructive criticism in stride, she'll respect you all the more for it. At the same time, don't let her walk all over you in the process — maintain that confidence that got you into her good graces in the first place.


Now, let's answer some FAQs about Virgo girls in the dating game:

How Do You Start a Conversation With a Virgo Woman?

As with women of any other zodiac sign, being genuine and honest is essential when starting a conversation with a Virgo woman. You can compliment her on something she's wearing or say something that shows you've noticed her personality quirks.

How Do You Know if a Virgo Girl Likes You?

If a Virgo woman is interested in you, she'll try to talk to you and get to know you better. She'll also be very attentive and responsive when you talk to her.

How Do You Ask Out a Virgo Woman?

When asking out a Virgo woman, the #1 rule is to be patient. If she feels it's too soon, she won't say yes. Wait until she's more comfortable with you or when she suggests it first.

What Does a Virgo Woman Want?

A Virgo woman wants a loyal, patient, and honest man. She also wants a man with similar interests who can make her laugh — someone she can relax and be herself with.

Attracted to a Virgo Woman? Approach Her Now

If you want to know how to attract a Virgo woman, the most important thing is to be honest and patient. And don't forget to appreciate her quirky side.

Just remember the following as you make the move:

  • Be confident through and through
  • Be honest at all times
  • Appreciate and celebrate her quirks
  • Be patient
  • Don't take her criticism personally

Approaching a Virgo woman can be daunting at first, but if you keep these things in mind, she'll warm up to you in no time.

Want to learn how to approach any woman, no matter her sign? Then click here to read my Ultimate Guide on Approaching Women.

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