How To Approach an Aquarius Woman (4 Of The Best Tips To Ask Her Out)

Would you like to learn how to approach an Aquarius woman correctly?

There are many ways to mess up when trying to attract an Aquarius woman. You might come on too strong, or you might not be assertive enough.

You might also say the wrong thing or not say anything at all. So, how do you approach an Aquarius woman to make her want to talk to you?

In this article, you'll learn:

  • What Aquarius women are like in the dating game
  • How to correctly attract an Aquarius woman to know her better and ask her out
  • Some bits of trivia about Aquarius girls in love

Let's get started with the following:

A Quick Overview of Aquarius Women in the Dating Game

Aquarian women are independent, original, and quirky — common traits of the flighty air sign. You should know a few things if you're thinking about asking an Aquarius woman out on a date.

For starters, they're not the type to suffer through small talk - they prefer deep conversations about things that matter. They're also not into conventional "romantic" gestures like flowers or chocolates - instead, they'll appreciate something unique and thoughtful.

Here's what you need to know about dating an Aquarius woman and being in a relationship with them.

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They're Independent

Aquarians value their independence above all else, so don't try to control them or tell them what to do. They like to do things their own way, in their own time. Trying to get them to conform to your ideas about dating will only make them pull away from you.

They're Original

Aquarian women are known for being unique, so don't expect them to conform to your ideas of what a date should be like. They'll appreciate it if you can think outside the box and come up with something original and fun.

They're Quirky

Aquarius girls are a little quirky, so don't be surprised if they do or say something unexpected on your date. Just go with the flow and enjoy their company - chances are, you'll find their quirkiness charming.

Dating an Aquarius woman can be a refreshing change from dating other signs. Remember that they value independence, originality, and quirkiness - so try not to stifle their unique personality traits. If you can do that, you'll have a good time on your date - regardless of where it might lead.

How to Attract an Aquarius Woman

Now that you know what Aquarius girls are like in the dating game, here are a few things to keep in mind when you make your move on her:

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Don't try to "win" her over with your words

An Aquarius woman is turned off by someone trying too hard to impress her. And you try too hard when you brag or use lame pickup lines on her, like you're trying to seduce her.

Let's spare her from all that. Instead, just be yourself and let your conversation flow naturally. You can say, "Hi there, I noticed that tattoo on your forearm and got intrigued. Is that your design?"

A quick "hi" and a conversation starter about her is enough to get her going. Get to know her better, and don't keep her guessing.

Secondly, avoid getting into arguments with her

An Aquarius woman loves a good debate but doesn't like being put on the spot. So, when you get into deep conversations with her, approach her in a neutral, open-to-new-ideas kind of way.

When you show her how you're genuinely more interested in learning new things with her instead of trying to prove a point, she'll like you more quickly. She'll enjoy the idea of having more deep conversations with you.

Finally, don't be afraid to show your feelings

To attract an Aquarius woman, you'll want to be comfortable with being emotionally honest. And that's a challenge for most men, whose knee-jerk response is to hide their flaws and weaknesses.

All-in-all — be the best "you" you can be

To attract an Aquarius woman, you'll need to be comfortable with your feelings and talking about them. You don't need to be an open book, but she does need to see that you're confident in your own skin, warts and all, before she can fall in love with you.

Disclaimer: I may receive affiliate commissions at no cost to you for purchases made through links below.


Now, to wrap up, let's answer a few random yet relevant questions about Aquarian women in the dating game:

How Do You Talk to an Aquarius Woman?

When you talk to an Aquarius woman, it's important to let her know that you're interested in getting to know her better. Don't win her over with your words; just be yourself and let your conversation flow naturally.

What is an Aquarius Woman Attracted to?

An Aquarius woman likes men who are comfortable being emotionally honest. She is also attracted to someone who is intelligent and can hold a conversation.

How Do You Know if an Aquarius Girl Likes You?

For one, an Aquarius woman will try to get to know you better. Second, she'll be interested in your thoughts and opinions and enjoy debating with you.

Approach that Aquarius Woman Confidently

Approaching an Aquarius woman and making her fall in love can be tricky, but following these tips will make a good impression.

  • Avoid coming on too strong, and just approach in a friendly, curious way
  • Don't get into arguments with her unless you can do it in a calm, objective, non-judgmental way
  • Be emotionally honest with her instead of trying to impress her

Just remember to be yourself, avoid arguments, and show your feelings; she'll be intrigued by you in no time.

If you'd like to learn more about approaching women, regardless of their zodiac sign, read my complete guide here.

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