How To Approach A Woman In College (4 Of The Best Ways To Get Dates)

Are you in college, and you want to learn how to get more dates?

If so, learning how to approach a woman in college is going to expand your options dramatically.

In this article, you'll learn:

  • Top 4 best options to approach women and get dates
  • Things you can say to start a conversation

And so much more. Keep reading to find out:

How To Approach A Woman In College

I'm going to cover 4 main options. These are not the only options, but they will get you started and give you a chance to get dates every single week:

#1. Be Direct

This one is my favorite.

If you see a girl you're attracted to while you're walking on campus or in one of the campus buildings, depending on the situation, walk up to her and tell her what you think.

Normally, I explain the situation exactly and get to the point. Tell her she looks really nice and you had to come to say hi and then go from there. Have a conversation.

#2. In Class

There's lots of potential ways to handle this scenario, but one really basic way is just to ask her why she got into that class.

Find out her motivations, what's driving her, what this class is going to lead to, in order to learn a little bit about her and get her to open up and share.

#3. At Parties

Parties are a pretty easy way to meet people. You're all in the same social environment. Everybody is there to have fun.

You can start by finding out what brought her there or who brought her there, who she's with, who she knows, and even what classes she's taking.

Start it off with something really basic. You don't have to stay on that topic, it might be a little bit boring, but just use anything to get the conversation started.

And you can even use eye contact. Make eye contact across the room, and if she returns that back to you and smiles, then you smile back at her and go and approach directly.

#4. While Studying

This could really be done anywhere, like at coffee shops.

There's going to be lots of people studying and you're going to notice other people around you that have a pile of books and a pile of paper, or papers on their desk.

To get a conversation started here, it's as simple as asking what they're studying.


Here are the top 4 main ways to approach women if you're in college:

  1. Be direct: if you see a girl you're attracted to, walk up to her and explain the situation. Tell her she looks really nice and you had to come to say hi and then go from there
  2. In class: show interest in learning about her so you can get her open up and share about herself
  3. At parties: start your approach with something basic, and use eye contact when you can
  4. While studying: this could really be done anywhere. For example, you can start a conversation at a coffee shop by simply asking her about what she's studying

For a full article on how to do direct approaches, check out this post.

And if you have any questions or comments, leave them below.

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