How To Approach A Woman At Work (4 Straight Foward Steps)

Do you have a crush at work and it has you thinking, how can I approach women at work?

Or it may not be at your work, maybe it's at someone else's work and you're wondering how to start a conversation with her.

In this post, you'll learn:

  • How you can ask out a woman at your work
  • How you can approach a woman at her work
  • Why you should never ask women out at your job

And so much more. Keep reading to find out:

Why You Shouldn't Approach A Woman At Your Work

Let's start with why you shouldn't approach a woman at your work:

#1. It's A Distraction

You're at your job to work, obviously. Maybe it's a career you're trying to build, and that's going to keep you from doing quality work.

#2. It Could Affect Your Career

It could affect your career in all sorts of different negative ways, especially if it doesn't go well.

#3. You'll Be Stuck With Her

You're stuck with her at work if it doesn't go well, which can create a lot of awkwardness, potentially.

Plus, if it really doesn't go well, or you happen to choose wrong, she could go to HR. That could put your whole career on hold or just derail it.

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How To Approach A Woman You Like At Work

If you still want to ask a woman out at work, here's a few steps you can take to do it:

#1. Take A Break Together

It's easier to get in conversations and it's easier to ask her out if you're on a break together.

#2. Ask Her Out

Be direct about it. Ask her for a coffee and see what she says.

#3. Approach Her Without Distractions

You can approach her when your coworkers aren't around or in another situation as well. It doesn't have to be a break.

If you can run into her somewhere, then that's going to give you the opportunity to ask her out.

#4. Go To Work Events

Alternatively, you could do it at a work event. Outside of the office, at a party or something like that with all of your coworkers.

There's nothing magical here. It's about picking your moment and getting a chance when you're kind of one on one so you can ask her out.

You don't have to confess your feelings to her. That's actually a bad idea. Just ask her out for a coffee, something casual.

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How To Approach A Woman At Her Work

There's someone you like at a cafe or restaurant or another kind of shop. Here's how you can make it happen:

There are lots of different situations you're going to have to deal with, so you're probably going to have to improvise. But here are some of the big ones:

#1. Coffee Shops

If it's someone you like at a coffee shop, they're a regular at, all you have to do basically is get to know all the staff.

Don't just get to know the girl you like, talk to all of them and over time it's going to be easier to make a connection.

That's kind of a long approach and it could work very well directly. Just say, "Hey, we should have a coffee sometime" or drink, it doesn't really matter. But pick something simple. 

#2. Restaurants

Next one is a hot waitress at a bar restaurant. We all know bars and restaurants like to hire hot women, so there's always good options there for dates.

There's a couple of different ways you can do this.

One time when I asked the waitress out, it was after a bootcamp and I was with my student. We were just having a beer and she was serving us at our table.

I actually had met her before, and this time when my student went to the washroom and she came with a bill, I asked her out.

I kept it very simple and got her number and direct. But she may not be serving your table or may not be appropriate.

You may have a group of friends. In that case, you're going to want to go approach her and then go take her aside.

If she's with her coworkers, just ask to say, "Hey, no, come here for just one second really quickly, I gotta tell you something".

And then just ask her out. Tell her you think she's really cute and you should have a coffee sometime.

#3. Retail Stores

In the next scenario, it kind of applies to any kind of shop. 

It can apply to any kind of retail location. I directly approached a woman who was working at a dental office.

She was a dental receptionist in a mall, and all I did was approach directly. 

Check out this post  that talks about how to approach directly and that's how you're going to accomplish this one.

Disclaimer: I may receive affiliate commissions at no cost to you for purchases made through links below.

Steps To Approach A Woman You Like At Work (Summary)

Here is the summary of a few of the steps you can take to do it:

  1. Take a break together: it's easier to ask her out if you're on a break together
  2. Ask her out: be direct about it and see what she says
  3. Approach her without distractions: look for the opportunity to ask her out
  4. Go to work events: pick your moment and get a chance

Have you got any questions or comments? Leave them below.

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