How to a Approach Woman at the Grocery Store (This WORKS)

Let’s say you're at the supermarket grabbing a nice steak when a pretty woman catches your attention. And now, you're wondering how to approach a woman at a grocery store.

If so, keep reading. This article will explain:

  • Why you should learn how to approach women at the grocery store;
  • How to approach a woman in a grocery shop without attracting unwanted attention;
  • How to ask her out so you get more "yes’s" and fewer "no’s"; and
  • How to approach a woman directly while shopping.

Let's jump into it.

Why You Should Learn How to Approach Women at the Grocery Store

The grocery store is a great place to meet women. There are always many women there shopping. It's a very casual environment.

Usually, the pace is quite slow–no one is in a big rush. And since you have to go grocery shopping anyway, why not take advantage of the opportunities that pop up there?

Starting conversations this way will also help you develop your conversational skills and build confidence.

How to Approach a Woman at the Grocery Store

Here are the steps to make it happen.

This is super low-key. It won't attract unwanted attention, and it's a very casual way to open a conversation.

I call it an observational opener, and here’s how it goes.

#1. Plant yourself nearby, probably about four to six feet away

You want to be in a range that's very easy to start a conversation from.

#2. Make a comment or ask a simple question

You can ask her which detergent she thought was the best one. You could end up getting into a long conversation and learn some good laundry tips.

Very often in the grocery store scenario, you'll see women looking and squinting, like they're thinking deeply, trying to find the right product. In these situations, it’s very easy to make a comment such as, "It's hard to find the right thing."

#3. Wait for her reaction

If she's chatty when she reacts, or if she smiles and seems open to conversation, then you can continue. Very often, you don't really have to do much else at that point–just let the conversation flow.

But if she's not very chatty and she's all business, then just leave her be.

#4. Have a conversation with her

Keep talking about the product, situation, or scenario you're talking about. But you have to look for a bridge soon.

What’s that? A bridge is just a way to go from the topic you started on to the topic you want to talk about, which is her. You want to get her to open up and share about herself so you get to know her and create a feeling of connection.

And most times, that bridge will be provided by her. She's going to mention something.

If, say, you’re talking about soup, and she's like, "Oh yeah, I have to find something for my relatives. They’ll be visiting from Toronto."

Now that she mentioned something about herself (her family is visiting from Toronto), it's very easy to ask a question about that.

Such as: "Are you from Toronto originally, too?"

Now, it's not always that easy. They're not always going to give you the bridge.

And if you want to make that bridge, you can just ask a question, such as "Oh, what’s the soup for? Are you having a big dinner get-together?"

And at that point, she'll share whatever she's doing, and you can go from there.

#5. Ask her out

If you had a good conversation and it seems like things went well, ask her out. You can say, "Hey, I've got to get going, but let's have a coffee sometime."

Just keep in mind that if you didn't really make a connection—if the conversation didn't go deeper than the soup you're talking about—this probably won’t work.

If you ask her out suddenly, it'll seem very out of place. Think about it. You rush through the conversation and had a quick chitchat, and then you jumped over into asking her out.

How to Approach a Woman Directly While Shopping

There are some pitfalls to starting conversations with observational openers.

For example, if you go and plant yourself near her, and if she just moves away immediately and goes off to another area, you can't really follow around the store.

In fact, don't follow her around the store. It'll start getting weird for both of you—especially for her – if she notices.

So, sometimes going direct is the best option. And this is usually better done if there aren't many people around.

It's not because of the anxiety it might cause you, but it'll also bring attention to her too. Women get anxious as well, and that won’t be good for your conversation.

To be direct, just paint a picture for her. Explain exactly what's happening: "Hey, I was just grabbing some avocados for my toast and I noticed you over here, and I had to come say hi because you look fantastic", and then see how it goes.

If you get into a conversation, then great. And if she seems interested, ask her out.

And if not, just be on your way, grab your avocados, and go.

Start Confidently Approaching Women at the Grocery Store

So, to wrap up:

  • To use the observational opener, stand close to her, ask a question or make a relevant comment, and wait for her reaction;
  • If she opens up to a conversation with you instead of being all business, find a way to bridge the topic and make her talk about herself; then
  • Ask her out to something low-commitment, like coffee.
  • You can also directly approach a woman at the grocery store by giving her a compliment and seeing how it goes.

For more info on approaching women, read my How to Approach Women Ultimate Guide now.

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