How To Approach A Difficult Woman (6 Ways To Stand Out)

Approaching women can be challenging. You're not going to please every woman you approach, and that's okay.

But how can you approach a difficult woman?

In this post, you'll learn:

  • How to deal with attitude on an approach
  • How to change their attitude into interest
  • How to walk away with their number and a date

And a lot more. Keep reading to star learning:

How Does Being Assertive Help You Win Women Over

First, you need to understand how assertiveness will win over difficult women.

When I take guys out for coaching sessions, I see this happen all the time. They crumble as soon as they approach a woman who gives them any kind of resistance at all.

That could just be a sort of look, or it can even just be confusion.

They're a little bit confused like, "Hey, what's happening here? Should I trust this guy? What's happening?"

As soon as these guys don't get a smile and look at some kind of sturdy behavior, basically the kind of attention that guys want, they crumble and lose the whole approach.

They don't understand that their character is on display. If they were only to show some balls, they could actually gain her attraction.

It's the passiveness or the reaction to a negative reaction which will lose her attention and turn her off.

By doing the opposite, you can actually gain her interest and gain her attraction.

A lot of time in the beginning of approach, when a girl gives you a little bit of attitude or looks at you it's because she doesn't know what the hell's going on. It requires a little bit of time.

It requires you to stick in there and show what kind of man you are.

That can change everything. It can become a date or it can just become a good conversation.

How To Approach A Difficult Woman

Here's how you can deal with negativity when approaching women. By doing this, you can show her what kind of man you are and win her over.

And keep in mind, these points are for guys who are already approaching women. It's not the full steps from start to finish on how to approach a woman.

If you want that, check out this post on how to approach women.

But for the rest of you, here's the list of steps:

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#1. Don't React

Don't react if you get a starky or weird look.

When she's kind of looking like, "What the hell's happening?" That's not necessarily a negative thing. She's trying to assess the situation.

She's trying to assess if you're safe, if she's interested at all and what's happening, because it's a very unusual thing for a guy to approach a woman on the street.

You can make it a big plus because of the fact that it's an unusual thing. You're not dealing with a whole bunch of competition.

You just have to hang in there and show her what it's all about and show her what you're all about. A guy with balls.

#2. Keep Talking

That is if she stays. If she walks away right away, obviously you're not going to have a chance there.

The best way to actually get her to stay, even if she's moving away slowly and she might have her shoulder turned away from you, is to keep talking.

Explain the situation, explain why you came to talk to her. And hold confident.

Keep your body language positive, keep your chin up, keep the smile on your face, keep your attitude.

#3. Strong Eye Contact

This is going to be really your number one best tool to create attraction and it shows a lot of confidence.

If you can keep her eyes on her eyes, it's going to go a long way to make her more interested and make her stop and actually stay and talk to you.

#4. Keep Your Enthusiasm

I see this a lot when going out with my clients.

The minute they lose their enthusiasm, as soon as they get a certain look and they get quiet, then the girl loses interest instantly. They'll usually walk away at that point and make some kind of excuse.

You need to keep your enthusiasm. You set the tone, you set the frame.

Don't bend to her will. You gotta hold your own.

Disclaimer: I may receive affiliate commissions at no cost to you for purchases made through links below.

#5. Body Language

Show her what kind of man you are by standing tall, not rolling your shoulders forward, keeping your hands out of your pockets. No crain-necking, keeping strong eye contact.

This is all part of body language and you're going to show what kind of confidence you have by the way you're standing there.

This is basically a presentation of you, so if you're presenting you, you want to show the best you possible.

#6. Strong Voice

Keep your voice strong. Don't start speaking quietly, especially don't start the conversation quietly.

Obviously, you're going to change it depending on the environment you're in.

If you're in a library, you're going to be quieter. If you're on the street, you're going to be much louder. Especially if you're on a loud street, you're going to be much louder.

But, one of the biggest problems I see is when guys approach and they don't get that instant gratification or smile back from the girl, they'll start speaking really quietly.

Their enthusiasm level goes way down, right off the cliff. This makes girls usually lose all their interests at that point.

You need to speak with a strong voice. It's authoritative, it's attractive, and it shows a lot of assertiveness. That's really all there is to it.

You've got to hold your own. You've got to show that you're a strong man, the kind of man who doesn't crumble when he's challenged.

If you're the man who has his balls on display through your behavior, obviously you're going to attract a lot more women.

A lot of the reactions are going to seem negative just because the girl doesn't know who you are and she's reacting to your approach. If you hang in there, you could bring her over onto your side.

Disclaimer: I may receive affiliate commissions at no cost to you for purchases made through links below.

Steps To Approach A Difficult Woman (Summary)

Here is the summary of the steps you should follow:

  1. Don't react: hang in there and show her what you're all about
  2. Keep talking: be confident and explain why you want to talk to her
  3. Strong eye contact: it'll make her more interested in staying and talking to you
  4. Keep your enthusiasm: you set the tone, you set the frame
  5. Body language: show her the best you possible
  6. Strong voice: keeping a strong voice is authoritative, attractive, and it shows a lot of assertiveness

And if you have any questions or comments, leave them below.

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