How to Approach a Christian Woman (5 Steps To Make The Best Approach)

If you regularly go to church, then you may have noticed there are a lot of really cute girls there. And now you're wondering how to approach a Christian woman.

If so, let me explain how you can approach women at church and get dates without summoning Lucifer himself.

You’re about to learn:

  • How to meet Christian women at church;
  • 5 quick steps to make your approach a good one; and
  • Other good strategies for approaching a Christian woman.

So, let's jump into it.

How to Meet Christian Women at Church

Here's a list of some of the basics.

#1. Get an introduction

If you're going to church regularly, you probably know people there. And they may know the girl you're interested in.

So, get them to introduce you. That's going to be the easiest way to meet her.

#2. Introduce yourself

Show some confidence and actually walk across the room toward her at the appropriate time. Obviously, don’t do this while the sermon is going on, but otherwise, go approach her and introduce yourself.

#3. Go to church social events

You can also do really well at church social events and end up dating girls you meet there.

It can be any kind of social event the church is putting on. They usually put posters on the walls or bulletin boards.

Keep your eyes open for those, or keep your ears open to see what's going around. Attend those events so you can meet more people.

#4. Ask a question

If you see a girl you like, just ask her a question about how long she's been a part of the church, or if she's just visiting.

You can come up with many different kinds of questions relevant to the situation you're in. Just keep it simple and get the conversation started.

#5. Make a comment

Now, this can take some skill, but it really is actually quite simple: Just keep it relevant.

Make a comment on something in your environment or the people around you. It can be about how it’s really busy or really quiet. You can even comment on the weather.

Something as simple as the weather can start a conversation that leads to a date.

#6. Lastly, be direct

Approach her directly. Let her know why you're approaching her.

Let her know you like her because you find her cute and want to meet her.

Strategies for Meeting More Christian Women

To meet as many women as possible, so you have some options and get more dates, you'll have to go to different churches.

You may be really comfortable with your regular church, but that will limit the number of women you could meet.

Also, you may have developed a habit at your regular church of not asking anybody out. So, by stepping out of your shell and going to a different church, it'll put you in a different mind frame.

And that'll make it easier to go and ask a woman out there.

So, really, meeting Christian women at church is as simple as:

  • Talking to them;
  • Getting out of your shell and showing some confidence;
  • Approaching her directly, ask for an introduction or introduce yourself; and
  • Going to multiple different churches.

For more information on how to do a direct approach, check out my How to Approach Women Ultimate Guide.

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