How To Approach A 40 Year Old Woman

How do you approach a 40 year old woman?

This question sort of stems from this idea that approaching different demographics it's going to be completely different.

In reality, it's the same as approaching a 50 year old woman or a 20 year old or a 30 year old woman.

In this post, I'll explain:

  • Why your approach should be the same no matter how old she is
  • Some pitfalls to this kind of thinking
  • Some of the nuances to the different age categories
  • What you could do with each category

And so much more. Keep reading to find out:

How To Approach A 40 Year Old Woman Or Any Age Range

The first thing to keep in mind is it's not really different from approaching any other age categories.

Although, there are some nuances which we'll get into. But really, this question is a matter of how you approach women.

If you know how to approach women, you'll know how to approach 40 year old women or 20 year old women.

Basically you'll empower yourself to be able to approach any woman you see regardless of the situation or regardless of how old she is or race or anything else like that.

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The Biggest Pitfalls Of This Mindset

One of the big pitfalls to thinking that it's different to approach a 40 year old woman versus a 20 year old woman, is that it's really limiting.

I've seen this before with different kinds of categories for different races even. Some of my clients have thought that approaching tall blonde women would be really difficult.

In all these cases, the guys are intimidated because they're thinking about their ideal type physically and that can get us all a little bit nervous.

They're all just people. You have no idea what kind of personality you're going to deal with.

When you see a woman of a certain demographic or a certain race or a certain age, then all this becomes much easier.

You suddenly have so many more opportunities, because you're not going to be scared to approach your type anymore.

You could actually go talk to her, start a conversation and potentially get a date.

Some of this kind of thinking is also about putting them on a pedestal too because she is your ideal type.

That makes you more nervous and you think about her as some kind of something different than the rest of the women, but they're really not.

If you give her an opportunity and have a chat with her, you might find out she's actually a good match for you mentally as well.

Disclaimer: I may receive affiliate commissions at no cost to you for purchases made through links below.

Some Nuances To Approaching Older Women

Older women are at a different stage in life than a woman who is 20 years old, for example. But our basic needs stay the same.

The basic needs for any woman or any man in any age category for the most part stay the same. We all want sex, we all want companionship and love.

But because she may have some experience already, she may be looking for different things at that stage in life.

She may be only looking for a serious relationship. But then again, you could say that about someone in their twenties too.

Typically, someone in their 20's changes very rapidly, whereas somebody in their 40's is pretty much set on what they want already.

If you're pursuing women in their 40's, you may tend to get more women who only want a serious relationship.

However, there are women who just want a sexual relationship as well. It depends on how you two mix and on your chemistry.

The only thing to do with all this information here is:

Instead of trying to be an amateur psychic and trying to guess what these women want, actually go talk to them and find out what they want.

Keep in mind that you have an influence on that as well. For example, you may show up and maybe she wants a serious relationship only.

But then you happen to be the impulse aisle, the chocolate bars as you're checking out. You happen to be that impulse buy.

She might open up to a sexual relationship if that's what you want. So, you're going to have an influence there too.

That may not always be the case. You have to play it by ear and go after what you want.

If she wants that too, or she decides she wants that in the moment, then you'll be a good match.

If you want to learn how to approach 40 year old women and women in general, so you have those opportunities, check out this post. Get out there and do some actual approaches.

Start some conversations with the women you like, and you never know what's going to happen. Give yourself a chance and give her a chance and see what happens. Go from there.

Disclaimer: I may receive affiliate commissions at no cost to you for purchases made through links below.


Even though there are some nuances and pitfalls from the mindset that comes from approaching women in their 40's, approaching women is the same across all age ranges.

If you truly know how to approach women, you'll empower yourself to be able to approach any woman you see.

Have you got any questions? Leave them below.

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