How Do You Talk To Women You Meet During The Day (7 Tips To Learn How To Be Confident)

How do you talk to women you meet during the day?

This is a question I usually get from guys who are used to the nightlife, parties and going to bars, but they're not used to meeting women in the daytime without alcohol.

There are some crucial differences between meeting women in the night and the day, but mostly it's a mindset thing.

Also, there are a few other factors as well that come into play as to whether or not you're gonna have success.

In this post, you'll learn:

  • How to get more dates in the daytime without going to bars or clubs
  • Some differences between meeting women in the day or the night

And so much more. Keep reading to find out:

Differences Between Meeting Women In The Day Or The Night

The main difference is psychological.

It's all about what's happening in your head. Because when you go to a bar or club, you know it's made for socializing.

People are there to socialize. They're dancing together, there's drinks and there's alcohol, which changes the way people interact.

However, in the daytime, you don't have an environment which is conducive to meeting other people, unless you take charge and you create the opportunities yourself.

It can be kind of scary when nobody else is paving the way for you, when it's all up to you.

Since there's no alcohol, all the courage you use is going to be real.

It's not going to be false courage which is influenced by alcohol.

You actually have to have some balls.

Alcohol will mask insecurities and it'll also prevent you from developing yourself. You're not going to develop good social skills when you're drinking a lot.

One of the effects of alcohol besides creating a false sense of courage, is that it brings down your inhibitions.

If you're confident, you can actually have a similar effect in the daytime too.

You can go and talk to women naturally and feel comfortable with them without the alcohol. Let's talk about how to do that:

How Do You Talk To Women You Meet During The Day

I'm going to outline a few simple steps here that you can use to start meeting women in the day right away, as well as building your confidence so you can do it more effectively:

#1. Bring Good Energy

The energy is not going to be as high as it is in a club when you're drunk, but you need to have good energy when you go talk to somebody.

If you go in there monotone, nobody's going to want to communicate with you.

It kind of acts as a repellent, and it usually comes from nervousness. This is something I see a lot from my clients.

The main idea is that when you go in, you should have some enthusiasm and be excited because you're talking to a really attractive girl that you just met.

#2. Starting The Conversation

There's different ways to do this. You can do direct approaches or you can do indirect approaches.

It really depends on the situation you're in. In some situations, it's not appropriate to go direct.

But, most of the time on the street and in other situations as well, going direct would be really good. It comes down to telling her why you're talking to her.

The way I like to do it is by explaining a bit about what was happening right before I went to talk to her, and then tell her why I'm there.

It's because she's really cute, or fill in with the compliment of your preference.

And the other way I like to do it is with simple observations.

Usually it's going to be in a grocery store or if I'm in a coffee shop, it'll make a comment about the situation or about something that she's doing.

There are too many options to start a conversation this way, so I'm not going to go into all the details, but you can check out this post for more details on how to start a conversation with a casual opener.

#3. Focus On Connection Building

Once you're in the conversation, focus on building a connection.

Don't be a number hunter. Having her phone number doesn't really mean anything unless you make a connection.

You can get 10,000 phone numbers and nobody's going to contact you back if you didn't actually make a connection.

I've seen this happen before of guys getting a lot of numbers but not getting a lot of responses back.

The best way to make a connection is by focusing on her. Everybody's favorite topic is themselves.

You should be curious about learning about her anyways, because you just met a new girl.

#4. Keep Strong Eye Contact

You need strong eye contact. You can't be darting around the room and looking at the ground and acting nervous like that.

You want to keep strong eye contact and have intent behind it, too.

Feel your attraction for her while you're looking at her. Don't act like she's your friend or something.

#5. Use Good Body Language

If you don't have good body language, not only are you going to tell her something that's not positive about yourself, but you're going to tell yourself that you're not confident.

You should be standing tall, without rolling your shoulders or craning your neck forward, and your hands should be outside your pockets.

Basically, stand straight and have good posture.

This may be very difficult if you have a habit of bad posture, which is going to require focusing on your posture as well as doing certain exercises which you can find on YouTube.

#6. Speak With A Strong Voice

Voice is probably one of the most common problems I see when I take clients out to talk to women.

They might be confident with me and they're speaking with a strong voice, but as soon as they go talk to an attractive girl, their voice just falls off a cliff and they sound like Mickey Mouse.

It's not very attractive for the girl and they don't sound confident anymore. You want to keep a strong voice.

Don't go into whisper mode. That's really bad.

A strong voice will say you're confident and it'll show authority as well, which is another attractive feature for women.

#7. Ask Her Out

After putting all that effort in to go talk to her, don't walk away without bothering to ask her out.

Even if you think the conversation didn't go that great, you never know, it might have actually gone well. She might be interested.

Just give it a shot, ask her out and then see what happens.

And finally, a note on how to actually build confidence to put this all together and make it work:

It really comes down to repetition, getting out there and talking to a lot of people.

Don't just focus on the woman you're attracted to, but get into conversations with everybody.

For more details on how to approach directly, check out this post

Steps To Talk To Women You Meet During The Day (Summary)

Here are all the steps you need to remember:

  1. Bring good energy: you should have some enthusiasm and be excited to talk to her when you go in
  2. Starting the conversation: you can do direct or indirect approaches
  3. Focus on connection building: be curious and focus on her
  4. Keep strong eye contact: feel your attraction for her while you're looking at her
  5. Use good body language: stand straight, have good posture and keep your hands out of your pockets
  6. Speak with a strong voice: it’ll say you’re confident and it’ll show authority
  7. Ask her out: give it a shot, ask her out and then see what happens.

If you have any questions or comments, leave them below.

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