How Do You Overcome Introvert Shyness (6 Strategies To Change Your Love Life)

How do you overcome introvert shyness?

Well, that depends. Being introverted and being shy are actually two totally separate things, but they can obviously go together very well.

Being introverted and being shy are often conflated to be the same thing. However, in this post, you'll learn:

  • The differences between being introverted and being shy
  • Tips to overcome shyness

And a lot more. Keep reading to find out:

Differences Between Being Introverted and Being Shy

Introversion is basically somebody who likes to be alone, meaning you enjoy your alone time and you need some time to recharge after going out with a group.

Whereas being shy, going out to the group can actually be the problem because it gives you anxiety.

Obviously these two personality types go great together because if you're introverted, you like being alone. And if you're shy, you get anxiety about going out in groups or in public or other individuals.

You don't really have much of a problem if you're happy alone.

The problem arises if you have to go out in groups or if you want to advance your career or get dates.

So, let's go over some different ways to fix this problem, if it is a problem for you.

How To Overcome Introvert Shyness

First, let's deal with introversion, because it can often be tough to want to go out. It's tough to get the motivation to go out when you feel so comfortable just being alone and happy.

So, the way to overcome this is to find something you really like.

It's much more motivating, easier to get out of your house if it's something you really want to do, even if that involves going out with other people.

Obviously, some discipline helps too. If you make a plan, one way to get over this hurdle, including for shyness as well, is just to stick to your plan.

Whatever you put on your calendar, make sure you follow through. Make sure you think of it as a really important appointment, like a doctor's appointment or something else you would not want to miss.

You could even set a reminder so it's something you can't ignore. Set a reminder for the right time so you can get ready and go out and do this thing.

Another good way to overcome the inertia to go out and socialize is just by getting some good sleep.

If you don't feel high energy, if you had a bad sleep, it's very hard to get motivated and go out and do something that you're really happier without.

However, if you have regular good sleep, it's much easier to get those wheels rolling.

Overcoming shyness is just about getting social practice. You have to go out often and talk to people. Don't avoid events.

Instead, make it mandatory that you will go to the events to get some of that social practice and schedule something every week at least.

Another good way to overcome shyness is just by making eye contact with people.

You can do this when you're walking down the street, just very casual light eye contact, not staring through people.

Do this also when you're talking to anyone, when you're buying something, make eye contact with a teller or whoever's serving you.

Also, don't forget to smile, because a smile is disarming and will bring smiles back your way as well.

Another thing that's huge with shyness or overcoming introvert shyness is just having better body language.

If you have your hands in your pockets, you're looking at the ground and you're avoiding eye contact, it's really not going to make you feel confident to want to deal with anybody.

It's going to make you feel more shy which will make fidgeting a problem, too. When you have your hands by your side and walk normally, walk with a good stride.

One thing to make all these things easier is if you're going to events or groups or you want to go to parties or anything like that, go with a friend.

It's a lot easier when you have someone you trust right by your side that can help you through it.

For more information on overcoming shyness or introvert shyness, check out this post.


Here are some solutions to take into consideration when trying to overcome introvert shyness:

  1. Find something you really like and use it as motivation
  2. If you make a plan, stick to it. Follow through with everything you put on your calendar
  3. Always get a good quality sleep
  4. Make casual eye contact with people everyday
  5. Participate on social events
  6. Smile to everyone you come in contact with

If you have any comments or questions, leave them below.

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