How Do You Meet People?

How do you meet people?

In this post, I'm going to explain:

  • Some of the easiest ways to meet people, especially if you're shy or trying to get out of your shell
  • How to get more social and build your confidence

Remember that you can be meeting these people for relationships or friendships, whatever you decide. Let's get into it.

How Do You Meet People?

If for some reason you ended up isolated and now you want to branch out and start being more social, here's my top list of the simplest ways to start meeting people.

This applies no matter if you're shy or confident. Starting with:

#1. Meetup Groups

Meetup is a big website where you can meet lots of people.

There are so many different kinds of meetups on there, anything from get-togethers to drink beer or wine to sporting events (you can go for baseball, hockey, even chess).

It just depends what kind of people you want to meet. Do you want to meet people like you? Or do you want to branch out and try something different?

You can meet people for romantic reasons and also to make friendships. Most of these meetups are free, so it doesn't matter if you have any money or not.

However, some of them will require a little bit of cash, especially if you're going for drinks or doing anything like that. But typically, these meetups are free to join.

#2. Sporting Events Or Sporting Clubs

Pick your favorite sport and go join a club. Whether that's hockey, baseball, brazilian jiu jitsu, MMA, badminton, tennis... the list goes on.

Pick your favorite sport (whatever it is), something you've never tried before or something you want to try that's new.

You want help to get in shape? This would be a great way to do it while meeting people.

#3. Volunteer Organizations

There are tons of volunteer organizations which get together in groups and help other people.

So if you're a helpful person and you want to meet people while making a difference, this would probably be the best route for you.

#4. Be A Tourist In Your Own Town

Very often, depending on the size of your city, there are tourist organizations that include being a tourist in your own city.

This is a great way to meet other people, both from afar and local.

#5. Political Organizations

You can either volunteer at a political organization, or even go to a political dinner like I signed up for this weekend.

Political dinners consist of giving a supporter a chance to support the party financially, as well as meeting the local MP while having dinner.

One of the advantages of this is that there are going to be lots of other people who are similarly minded.

I'm ending the list right here, but obviously, it could be a lot bigger. This is just a good way to get started if as a shy person or as someone who wants to expand their social circle.

Last but not least, tell me: what's your favorite way to meet people? Leave a comment below.

The Simplest Ways To Meet People (Summary)

These are the top 5 ways to meet people and start being more social:

  1. Get into meetup groups
  2. Go to sporting clubs or events
  3. Participate in volunteer organizations
  4. Be a tourist in the city you live in
  5. Join political organizations or political dinners

If you’ve got any comments or questions, leave them below.

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