How Do You Know If Your First Date Didn't Go Well

How do you know if your first date didn't go well?

This should be easy enough to figure out, but since you're reading this post anyways, I'm going to go over the top 10 ways to figure out if your date went to s***. Let's go.

How Do You Know If Your First Date Didn't Go Well?

#1. She Leaves Early

If you're at a coffee shop and your date excuses herself to go to the washroom, but when she gets back, she's like:

"Oh my, look at the time. I really better get going", and it's only been half an hour, 45 minutes or even an hour, then you can be pretty sure your date didn't go well.

#2. She Doesn't Want To Kiss You

You go in for a kiss and her head starts bobbing around like one of those bobbly head dolls.

#3. She Ghosts You

You follow up with a text message to set up another date and you immediately hear  sad music and see a tumbleweed rolling by, aka she ghosted you.

#4. She Looks Bored

This happens when she leans back, crosses her arms and just expresses pure boredom as she stares at you, counting the time passed by.

#5. She Looks At Her Phone The Whole Time

If somebody's looking at their phone, they're probably not very interested in you, but it also can just be a sign of rudeness.

I had this happen on one date and I just said, "hey, you could either be with me or your phone".

She put her phone away and the date actually ended up going pretty good. But normally speaking, she's probably not that interested in you if she's looking at her phone.

#6. She Friendzones You

She says "you're a great friend".

#7. She Doesn't Cooperate

She shows up for your date, you say, "hey, I got this great place we're going to go to right now to grab a coffee there", and she just refuses to cooperate.

She complains about everything, and she doesn't like any of your ideas. Well, if she's not allowing you to lead, your date is going to be going nowhere.

#8. She Argues About Everything

Along the same lines of #7, when she argues with you about everything.

Somehow you end up talking about abortion and a death penalty and you end up telling her that you're pro death penalty for fetuses and she walks out. That date is not gonna go anywhere.

#9. She Doesn't Engage In The Conversation

Every time you ask a question, you get a one word answer.

Sure, maybe you're not the greatest conversationalist, but at least most people will try and fill in some details.

But if every single question you ask her ends up with a one word answer, then there's your answer for how the date is going.

#10. She Tells You About Her Guy Problems

She basically uses you as her gay best friend, telling you about all the other guys she's sleeping with, which isn't you. That's not too hard to figure out.

Anyways, I could keep going, but this is only a top 10 list. Would you look at the time... I really should wrap this up.

And um, anyways, it was great writing this for you. It's nothing to do with you. I'll get in touch with you. I'll contact you. All right, catch you on the next one.

Top 10 Signs That Your First Date Didn’t Go Well (Summary)

To know if your first date didn’t go well, it basically comes down to 10 signs:

  1. She leaves early 
  2. She doesn't want to kiss you 
  3. She ghosts you 
  4. She looks bored 
  5. She looks at her phone the whole time 
  6. She friendzones you 
  7. She doesn't cooperate 
  8. She argues about everything 
  9. She doesn't engage in the conversation 
  10. She tells you about her guy problems

If you’ve got any questions or comments, leave them below.

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