How Do You Escape The Friendzone? (5 Quick Fixes)

How do you escape the friendzone?

If you like a girl and she told you "we should just be friends", it may not be over yet.

In this post, you'll learn:

  • How to get out of the friendzone and get the girl you like
  • How to avoid friendzoning yourself like many guys do

And so much more. Let's get into it.

How To Escape The Friendzone

If you've been friendzoned or maybe get friendzoned on a regular basis, there is hope. It starts by changing your behavior and your beliefs.

Guys actually usually end up friendzoning themselves. How? By treating the girls they like as friends.

If you like somebody romantically, then this is the last thing you should do.

It boils down to the effect of mirroring. Basically, whatever you do, other people are going to mirror back at you. If you smile at someone very often, they're going to smile back at you.

If you have a frowny face or resting bitch face, most of the time when you're interacting with people, that's what they give back to you as well. This works for relationships, too.

So if you're always acting like a friend to every girl you meet, they're going to be treating you like a friend.

If you want girls to stop thinking about you as a friend, then you need to stop thinking about them and stop treating them as a friend first.

How Do You Go From Friends To Lovers

To go from friends to lovers and escape the friendzone, try some of the following:

#1. Make A Move

Guys who are treating the girls they like as friends are usually not actually making moves.

They're not inviting them home. They're not trying to hold their hand. They're not going for a kiss.

So, make a decisive move to establish what you want with her is romantic and not platonic.

#2. Stop Thinking About Her As A Friend

If you think about the girls you like as friends, then you're much more likely to treat them like friends, and you're not going to be getting into any romantic encounters.

#3. Be Willing To Walk Away

This is probably the most important one because guys who are treating girls like friends very often don't want to lose the friendship. Well, you're not there for friends, so stop fucking around.

You need to be willing to walk away if she's not willing to go the extra mile with you. Don't settle for second prize.

If you're willing to settle for a second prize, you're not going to be making the moves you need to make in order to make it into a romantic relationship, and you're going to continue friendzoning yourself.

If you're willing to walk away, it's going to make you less needy, which will make you more attractive.

#4. Distance Yourself

Stop chasing her, texting her on a daily basis and having these friend conversations all the time.

Basically, go about your own business, do your own thing, and get in touch with her when you want a date.

#5. Date Other Girls

If you're entirely focused on this one girl because you have nothing else going on romantically, then it's going to make you needy.

She's going to see this, too. She's going to see that you have no other dating options going on.

Chances are you need the experience anyways, so go out there and have some fun and find some different girls to go on dates with so you can stop focusing on this one girl.


Here are some common questions about escaping the friend zone:

Can the friendzone turn into a relationship?

Yes, the friendzone can turn into a relationship, but you have to make a big move. You have to do something different. It's not business as usual.

Also, you have to stop treating her as a friend and be willing to walk away.

Why do girls friendzone you?

Girls tend to friend zone guys who typically friendzone themselves. By treating girls as your friend, they're going to mirror that back to you, and they're all going to be thinking about you as a friend.

Another big reason for getting friendzoned is guys moving too slowly because they don't have any confidence to go faster.

Is the friendzone permanent?

The friendzone doesn't have to be permanent, but that's really up to you.

If you treat her the way you usually treat her, then things will continue as normal. That means more friendzone. But if you turn up the heat, anything is possible.

How do I change her mind about being just friends?

You can't really change a woman's mind about being just friends, because it's all about emotions. If you try to logically reason with her, it's not going to click with her emotionally.

She's not turned on by you. She doesn't think of you as a romantic partner. But you can influence her to feel differently about you, and that comes down to your behavior.

You have to be a bold, confident guy who goes after what he wants and takes charge.

To learn more about the friendzone, check out this post.

Steps To Escape The Friendzone (Summary)

In order to finally get out of the friendzone and go from friends to lovers, these are the steps you should try:

  1. Make a move: make a decisive move to establish that what you want with her is a romantic relationship
  2. Stop thinking about her as a friend: it’ll help you stop treating her as a friend as well
  3. Be willing to walk away: you need to move on if she’s not willing to go all in with you. Don’t settle for being her second prize
  4. Distance yourself: only get in touch with her when you want a date
  5. Date other girls: have some fun, get more experience and stop focusing on just one girl

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