How Can I Get Rid of My Shyness and Approach Women? (STEPS)

If you're shy and you want to meet women, you may be asking yourself this question: how can I get rid of my shyness and approach women?

In this post, you'll learn:

  • How to defeat your shyness permanently
  • How to get confident
  • How to meet the kind of woman you want, even if you're super shy and you have no experience at all

And so much more. Keep reading to learn more:

How Do You Get Rid of Shyness And Approach Women

So, how do you defeat shyness so you can approach women?

Firstly, shyness is not a permanent trait. This is not something you're stuck with forever, unless you allow it to persist.

There are different causes of shyness. But for sure, one of the causes is your past conditioning, as well as what you're doing right now and what you're not doing every single day.

To defeat shyness so you can approach women, you're going to have to change your conditioning and start doing different things every day.

That means self-training or training by a coach like myself or a confident friend who can show you the ropes.

Now, here are some things you should stop doing as well as some things you should start doing to overcome your shyness to be able to approach women:

#1. Stop Calling Yourself Shy

If you reinforce that idea every single day, you keep saying, "I'm shy, I'm shy, I'm shy", it just makes the whole idea stronger.

It becomes like a personal identity. And when something is a personal identity, it's much harder to overcome.

You may not even want to overcome it because it's you, right? But it's really not you. It's just a conditioned response.

So, obviously, now you want to get really good at being confident. You have to change the idea that lives in your head rent free that you're a shy person.

#2. Get Out

You gotta get out regularly to meet people.

If you're shy, there's a good chance you might be avoiding social situations and avoiding people, hanging out by yourself or just staying on social media, something like that.

Doing any of those things is going to condition you to stay shy and create more fear of talking to people.

You need to get out, start interacting with other people. Accept invites if you're getting invites. If you're not, go out to social groups.

If you start pursuing your interest you'll make new friends. I actually made friends with the instructor at my gun licensing course because we have a mutual interest.

#3. Say Hi To People

An easy one you can start right away is to say hi to people every day when you go out.

When you're on your way to work or school or when you're commuting in your neighborhood and somebody passes by, smile and say hi.

This will allow you to start getting used to interacting with other people, because it's easier not to interact with other people. This is what you've been doing your whole life.

Now you gotta change the habit. Start interacting with all the people you come across.

Say "Hi", say "Good morning", give a friendly nod, or a smile. Especially if someone smiles at you, smile back. That's easy enough.

Start doing that every day, and you'll start deconditioning yourself to be so shy.

#4. Start Chatting With Anyone Who Serves You

If you go to a restaurant or a coffee shop or you're buying groceries, start chatting with the cashier, the waiter, the barista, or anyone who's serving you in any way.

Make some kind of comment. Go beyond just saying "How are you?" "I'm great, how are you?" Everybody does that. Do something else.

Look for something to comment on. Ask them about their day, something simple like that.

Start saying things other than just "How are you?" while waiting for your product so you can get the hell out of there.

Start chatting with everyone you're interacting with. These are great opportunities to chat and overcome shyness.

#5. Learn How To Approach Women

This will be the most difficult one.

But, if you start with the other steps and start conditioning yourself to be confident, it's going to be a lot easier than to start moving into approaching women.

And eventually, you're just going to have to summon the courage to go do it. It's easier if you take these baby steps first and then you start approaching women.

For exact details on how to approach women, if you're ready for that or you want to build up the courage for it, check out this link.

Steps To Overcome Shyness And Approach Women

Here is a summary of the steps you should follow:

  1. Stop calling yourself shy: you have to change the idea that lives in your head rent free that you're a shy person
  1. Get out: you need to go out regularly and start interacting with other people
  1. Say hi to people: start saying "Hi", "Good morning" to all the people you come across
  1. Start chatting with anyone who serves you: if you go to a restaurant, a coffee shop or you're buying groceries, start chatting with everyone you're interacting with
  2. Learn how to approach women: it’ll be easier if you take these baby steps first and then you start approaching women

If you have any questions or comments, leave them below.

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