Healthy Partnership: 15 Reasons to Start Marriage Therapy

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Are you experiencing issues with your relationship and want to resolve them? This is something that many couples are keen to do, and for many, marriage therapy provides the perfect solution.

Marriage therapy is designed to provide a neutral setting where couples can talk and work through their issues. This can then help to strengthen their bond and the relationship as a whole. Harmonious relationships can become the basis for individual growth and empowerment for both parties. 

An emotionally fulfilling relationship can be achieved if both partners are willing to see and appreciate one another’s unique characteristics. This can then help to create a more secure and stable relationship that can thrive. 

Why is a Sense of Security So Important? 

A lot of research has been carried out over the years, and we now have a better understanding of how intimacy is created and maintained. This includes the factors that are most likely to increase the chances of relationship success.

Feelings of security and love are intricately combined through the release of the “love hormone” known as oxytocin into the bloodstream. In other words, actions that increase feelings of security and trust also increase the sense that we are loved and safe. As a result, a partner who does not feel safe does not feel loved, and vice versa.

In many cases, people are already paired with a partner who is their “soul mate.” However, sometimes it might not feel like this, as problems can arise in even the most stable relationships. 

Issues can arise when one person in the relationship does not feel safe, loved, or valued. The result is a toxic imbalance that can create turmoil in the relationship. A successful and happy relationship requires 100% investment from both parties, and both must take their share of the responsibility to develop and maintain a strong relationship

Your emotional needs can only be met in a mutually enriching relationship. This is why couples need to seriously consider marriage therapy or counseling if they are unable to resolve relationship issues on their own. 

Reasons to Start Marriage Therapy

  1. Get to know and understand your relationship's internal processes - your own, your partner's - more deeply
  1. Improve the couple's communication style so each feels safe and can remain empathic 
  1. Reveal each partner's individual fears associated with relationships. Learn how to behave with each other so that everyone feels safe 
  1. Understand the difference between “ask” and “demand”
  1. The chance to share experiences, let off steam, and boost emotional contact
  1. Learn to talk and hear one another in a neutral setting
  1. Identify triggers and defence strategies in your relationship 
  1. Explore how childhood trauma affects your attachment style in marital relationships 
  1. Identify limiting beliefs and judgments that come mostly from childhood. Replace them with new ones that give energy and encourage building mutually enriching relationships to benefit both partners 
  1. Find that we are ignoring, repressing, and rejecting parts of ourselves. This results in us not feeling safe enough to love and be loved 
  1. Identify limiting subconscious scripts and beliefs that block the possibility of communication, and cause reactive behaviour and the need to defend 
  1. Find a balance between the need to be loved and the desire to be accepted and appreciated for your unique contribution to the relationship 
  1. Understand and clearly articulate what you want from your partner 
  1. Identify and replace old habits, defences, and coping strategies with more constructive ones
  1. Recognize the difference between healthy and unhealthy ways of expressing anger 

Commitment from Both Partners

It is possible to return to a loving, secure relationship through marriage therapy. However, both partners have to be committed and open in order to benefit. This therapy can be invaluable for those willing to commit to developing, learning, and doing their best to find true happiness and emotional fulfilment. 

Achieving a sense of mutual security in a relationship will require conscious internal changes from both parties. Bear in mind that your own security is inextricably linked to the security of your partner. 

Marriage therapy has many advantages. You will no longer have to keep up appearances for the rest of the family, you won’t have to be alone and give up on what was once a loving relationship, and you can avoid putting the children through the emotional stress of parental separation. 

It is important that you carefully examine yourself and honestly reflect on what you have discovered. Get to know your feelings, be more aware of your thoughts and actions, and always consider the impact of your actions on your partner. Difficulties can be resolved or avoided far more easily if you both commit to doing this. 

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