The Best Female Dating Coaches For Men (Top 10)

Who are the best female dating coaches out there? If you feel you’d be more receptive to the guidance of a woman, then this guide is for you. Whether it’s for your dating life or your relationships, you can get the help you need.

This article will introduce you to female coaches who can help you with:

  • Making a good relationship great
  • Getting dates (even if you haven't had a date in years)
  • Attracting women (Learn the secrets to creating an instant connection)
  • Building your sexual confidence (never get performance anxiety again)

And much more. Continue reading below to find your ideal female coach.

Five of the Best Female Dating Coaches

#1. April Davis

April Davis: the best female dating coach for men

April Davis is the founder of LUMA Luxury Matchmaking. Hers is a great program to join if you’re a picky guy, or if you have high standards for the women you want to date.

#2. Apollonia Ponti

Apollonia Ponti: female dating coach for men

Apollonia Ponti helps men make more meaningful connections with women. With her, you’ll get guidance not just for your love life, but also for your career, spirituality, family, and more. Check out her website to learn more.

#3. Melanie Hersch

Melanie Hersch: one of the best female dating coaches for men

Melanie Hersch is a dating coach and psychotherapist. She’s the founder of Good At You, and she takes a unique approach to coaching men in the dating game. Instead of teaching you how to meet women, she’ll show you how to become a man who attracts them naturally.

#4. Tessa Mac

Tessa Mac:best female dating coach for men

Tessa Mac is the founder of Date Demo. She’s a great coach to have if you’re inexperienced with women and dating. If you’ve ever wanted to “practice” dating in safe environment, then you might want to give Tessa’s service a try.

#5. Blaine Anderson

​Blaine Anderson

Blaine Anderson is a dating coach who helps men build confidence, learn to flirt, and authentically attract women online and in-person. She specializes in working with engineers, and men who are divorced. Visit her website to get in touch.

Once you start getting dates you're going to want to develop your relationship skills further. That's where the following coaches will shine:

Five of the Best Female Relationship Coaches

#1. Mornisha Annestine

Mornisha Annestine: the best female relationship coach

Mornisha Annestine, coaches couples in long-distance relationships. If you’re in one right now and want guidance to making it work, she’s the coach to work with. You can learn more by connecting with her on Instagram.

#2. Amy Schoen

Amy Schoen: one of the best female relationship coaches

Amy Schoen is the founder of Motivated to Marry. She is the coach to work with if you’re 100% serious about finding “the one.” If that’s your ultimate goal, then check out her website at You just might save yourself years of stress, heartache, and trial-and-error.

#3. Dr. Alexandra Solomon

Dr. Alexandra Solomon: one of the best couples relationship coaches

Dr. Alexandra Solomon is a psychologist, professor, and author. She specializes in helping couples using her experience in marriage and family therapy. If you want a systematic way to improve your relationship, then this is the website to visit next.

#4. Sheena Sharma

Sheena Sharma: a spiritual female relationship expert

Sheena Sharma is a great choice for a spiritual female relationship expert. She's a Yoga teacher who uses spiritual techniques to help you get aligned with the real you. If that sounds right up your alley, connect with Sheena on Instagram.

#5. Dr. Wendy Walsh

Dr. Wendy Walsh: America's Relationship Expert

Dr. Wendy Walsh is “America’s Relationship Expert.” She takes a tougher, no-frills approach to solving relationship problems. If you want a more direct approach to your challenges in love, divorce, and sex, book a chat with Dr. Wendy at her website.

Final Thoughts

If you’re in one right now and want guidance to making it work, she’s the coach to work with? No matter what you need, there’s a female dating coach out there to help you build the love life you want. If you have any questions about dating coaches in general, feel free to sound off in the comments box below.

Female Coaches FAQ's

How much is it to hire a dating coach?

Hiring a coach can cost between $100 per session, to $20,000+ for a complete program. Many coaches offer a free trial session or consultation so you can get a feel for their services. Paid services will be cheaper than going through the dating game alone or going through a divorce though. When considering the cost of coaching weigh it against the benefits you'll receive.

How do I choose a dating coach?

It’s best to clearly define your desired outcome for your love life. From there, you can find the coach(es) who specialize in the areas you need help in. Make sure they're in your price range and have good reviews, then meet with them to get an idea about how it will be to work with them.

What does a relationship coach do?

Relationships are complex, having several moving parts that can break. A relationship coach will help you uncover what’s causing your problems and help you solve them. Coaches usually offer practical solutions which you can take action on. This is in contrast to most counselors who typically deal more with your emotional well-being.

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