Don't Be An Amateur Psychic In Dating

Are you always trying to guess what women are thinking?

Maybe there's a really cute girl you like, or you had a date with a girl and you're asking yourself: does she like me? What are the signs?

If you're always looking for signals to justify trying to make a move on a girl, then I'm here to tell you, you need to stop being an amateur psychic.

You don't need signals to ask her out, go for a kiss, or even invite her home. Guys who are looking for signals are hoping for a 100% chance of success with no chance of rejection.

Basically, they're scared of being rejected. That's what the signals are all about.

They want a sure shot before they make any kind of move. But while waiting for that, they miss all of their opportunities.

Part of that, besides the fear of rejection, is also because they've misunderstood how attraction works.

Women are attracted to assertive, ballsy men. If you're waiting for signals, that means that's not you.

Waiting for signals before making a move is passive behavior, and that's going to dry a woman's panties faster than dry scooping your pre-workout.

Just by the very act of taking action, you're showing you're the kind of guy she wants.

You're the ballsy, assertive guy who goes after what he wants, and that is very attractive. It also has some chance of influencing her.

Even though it'd be really cool to be able to tell if she likes you through some signals or some signs, you're not an amateur psychic.

In fact, most guys are terrible at reading signs. After 11 years of coaching, I've seen guys projecting the signs they want to see onto girls who are not interested at all.

I've also seen other guys who missed all the signs from girls who were interested. In reality, signs don't mean anything. It's all about her behavior. What is she actually doing?

So, take action first, ask questions later, and you'll get your sign. If she says yes to your date, if she allows you to kiss her, or if she goes home with you, you'll have your sign.

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If you’re always trying to guess what women are thinking or looking for signs, you need to remember these points:

  • Women are attracted to assertive men who know how to ask for what they want
  • You need to focus on her behavior, because “signs” don’t really mean anything
  • It’s best to take action first and ask questions later so you can be clear about your intentions

If you’ve got any questions or comments, leave them below.

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