Dating Profile Coach: Your Ticket to Online Dating Success

Are you looking for a dating profile coach? Maybe you're on Tinder, Bumble, Coffee Meets Bagel, Hinge, or any other popular dating app—but you're not getting the matches and dates you want.

You're right—a coach for your dating profile will definitely boost your chances of finding love or at least of filling your schedule with great first dates. But how do you know if a coach has what it takes to help you?

That's what this article will help you find out. You're about to learn:

  • What a dating profile coach really is
  • The different services a coach can do for you
  • How much it will likely cost you
  • How to find a good online dating coach

Ready? Let's start with the basics:

What is a Dating Profile Coach?

A profile coach is a special type of dating coach. Instead of or in addition to the usual dating coach services, you can expect them to closely examine the dating apps you use, your profiles on those sites, and your dating goals.

From there, these dating coaches can uncover the reasons behind your lack of success on your chosen dating platforms. They will then guide you through the necessary steps to spruce up your dating profiles and finally start getting the results you want.

What Does a Dating Profile Coach Do?

All dating coaches aim to help you find the kind of success you want in the dating world. Here are the particular dating services that profile coaches offer to achieve that end:

Help You Set Up Good Online Dating Profiles

Your coach will analyze each online dating site you're on (or wish to use). They'll then find out what works on those sites and proceed to optimize your dating profiles for success.

Some online dating coaches know how to write attention-grabbing profiles that attract potential matches and messages, so be sure to ask about this service.

Help You Choose the Best Photos

The most significant chunk of your online dating success will depend on the quality of your profile photos. Your coach will look at your current photos, point out the good ones to keep and suggest the bad ones to remove.

Some coaches also include professional photoshoots in their online dating coaching services. These are often individual sessions where they take pictures of you in your best, most attractive light.

Help You Craft the Right Messages

This one's particularly valuable if you feel you have subpar conversation skills. Your coach will help you craft good first messages and conversation starters, which you can keep in a handy swipe file for when you're feeling stumped.

A good coach will also give you timely dating advice for when you're confused or when they spot you about to make a critical mistake.

Help You Schedule Dates

Once your matches and messages start coming in, your coach will help you schedule dates. They'll give you advice on the best first date tips, including what to wear, where to take her, date ideas, and what to talk about.

Naturally, they'll want to hear from you about how your dates go and see if any new problems crop up. And when any do, your coach will also be ready to help you on that front.

Help You Sort Through Any Date-Related Issues

As you go through one first date after another, you may encounter some annoying problems like:

  • None of the people you meet are your "type"
  • The first date never leads to a second one; it's like the people you date lose interest right after
  • You keep running into awkward silences during the date, which kills the mood
  • You don't know how to flirt
  • You don't know where to take the date when it goes very well

Luckily, most coaches will monitor your performance in the dating scene. They'll help you spot the mistakes you're making and give you the strategies to overcome them as you move forward.

How Much Will it Cost?

Most online dating coaching costs between $50 to $300 per hour when you work with your coach on an hourly basis. Some of the most in-demand coaches today can ask for many times that amount.

If you're on a budget, some coaches offer group sessions, where they simultaneously work with multiple clients, including you (instead of just you). Other coaches have books, programs, courses, and blogs that let you avail of their expertise anytime.

How Do I Find a Good Coach?

Now that you know what to expect, it's time to find your coach. Here are some ways to make the search go quicker:

Finding a Coach in Your Area

Would you prefer working with a coach face-to-face, whether in a group or one-on-one? If so, it's best to work with a coach in your area.

The disadvantage of this approach is that most good coaches have their headquarters in big cities, which may be a problem if you live in smaller outlying towns. Unless you have the resources and means to meet with them regularly, the next option may be better for you:

Finding an Online Dating Coach

Many coaches who offer face-to-face coaching also provide their services online. They can meet with you virtually (such as over Zoom), and they may also let you join group sessions and online courses.

Following the pandemic, many people have realized the value of having an online dating coach. If you're seriously considering working with one to improve your dating life, read our complete guide here.

Finding a Coach to Help You Solve a Specific Problem

Meanwhile, you may know exactly what your problem is with your online dating profile—whether it's your description, your photos, or your messaging strategy. That's helpful—you can now zero in on coaches who have experience solving that specific problem.

Find Your Dating Profile Coach Today

Online dating is here to stay, and the rise of both dating apps and online dating coaches are testament to that. This article showed you all you need to know about hiring a coach to optimize your dating profile, including:

  • What a dating profile coach really is
  • How a coach can help you set up an attractive dating profile with professional-looking photos and an attention-grabbing description
  • How a coach can help you with your messaging and dating strategy
  • How much it will likely cost you
  • How to find a good online dating coach

Now, we'd like to hear from you. Did we miss anything about dating profile coaches we should have covered in this article? Let us know in the comments below.Meanwhile, if you're a man who's 100% ready to work with an online dating coach today, click here now. I'd love to hear from you.

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