Dating Help Near Me: Which Dating Professional Should You Work With?

If you landed on this article after Googling "dating help near me," you probably have some dating-related problems you'd like professional help with. If so, that's great. Whether you want a happier dating life or a healthy relationship, getting the services of a dating coach will help you gain clarity on how to achieve your personal goals.

That said, how do you know precisely what kind of dating help you should get? That's what this article will help you answer.

In this article, you'll learn the following:

  • About dating coaches and what they specialize in
  • About relationship coaches and when you should look for one
  • About marriage coaches and what they do (and don't do)
  • About other types of dating help you might need

Dating Coaches

If you're single and want to learn to meet more people and get more dates, look for a dating coach near you. Dating coaches specialize in helping singles find the right person, get rid of self-sabotaging behaviors, and find success in online dating--among other things.

Some dating coaches also offer matchmaking services in addition to their dating advice. If you'd like to fast-track your search for a committed relationship, the best dating coach for you should be a part of a matchmaking network.

Relationship Coaches

Meanwhile, if you're already in a relationship with your partner, but it's not exactly going as planned, look for a relationship coach near you. These coaches focus on helping people avoid dead-end relationships, start dating exclusively, and finally have a satisfying love life.

It's a whole different ball game in a relationship than when you're still dating, and relationship experts know this. They'll turn your current relationship struggles into goals you and your special someone can easily and effectively achieve and become stronger with.

Marriage Coaches

As you can guess by the name, marriage coaches focus on helping married couples. If you're married, but your marriage isn't as good as you want it to be, and you'd love to give it another chance at being happy and successful, then a marriage coach should help you.

Most marriage coaches can work with you and your partner simultaneously, though some may focus on working with individuals. Regardless, the goal is to help you save your marriage, turn its problems into strengths, and make it last a lifetime.

Coaches vs. Counselors vs. Therapists

As great as coaches are, there are important distinctions to make between them and counselors and therapists, which they're sometimes confused with. Coaches work by listening to a client's problems, deriving actionable and inspiring goals out of them, and then formulating a strategy with which the client can achieve their new goals. Coaches will also offer ongoing support and guidance as the client progresses over a few months.

On the other hand, counselors don't assist their clients with goal-setting and dating advice. Instead, they focus on the why behind a client's suffering. They help clients find the underlying reasons behind their love problems and then guide them as they find the solutions for themselves.

Likewise, therapists aren't trained to solve problems and give dating advice. Instead, they're medically trained to diagnose any physical, mental, or emotional conditions that may be causing marriage problems. They can also prescribe medication and therapy to treat any conditions they may find in their clients.

What kind of dating help do you need exactly? Knowing the different professions available lets you zero in on precisely who to work with.

Find Good Dating Help Today

This article just taught you about:

  • Dating coaches and how they help singles find a new relationship
  • Relationship coaches and how they help individuals and couples in existing relationships
  • Marriage coaches and how they coach married couples through their problems
  • The difference between coaches, counselors, and therapists in the dating scene

Is there a certain kind of dating professional we didn't mention that should have made the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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