Dating Coaches SF: Expert Help for Your San Francisco Love Life

Are you looking for dating coaches in San Francisco? SF is a great place to find love, but it can be challenging--especially when you don't know what you're looking for, much less what to expect.

That's where a dating coach can help you. And in this article, we'll cover five of the best dating coaches in San Francisco.

You'll learn about the following:

  • What a dating coach will do for you
  • What the dating scene is like in San Francisco these days
  • Five of the best dating coaches to help you navigate the San Francisco dating game

Let's start with the basics:

What Does a Dating Coach Do?

Dating coaches have different specialties and serve different audiences, but they all help their clients in three essential ways:

#1: Help You Identify Your Weaknesses and Bad Habits in Dating

First, they'll help you uncover the real reasons why you're less successful in dating than you want. Most times, it's a collection of personal flaws and bad habits that, thankfully, can be addressed.

#2: Give You Tools and Strategies to Achieve Your Desired Results

Second, they'll give you the solutions you need to get what you want out of your dating life. These can be tools, strategies, and new habits to overcome your weaknesses and amplify your strengths.

#3: Offer Ongoing Support and Accountability as You Make Progress

And third, they'll guide you for as long as you need them to. They'll monitor your progress and offer support and accountability throughout your forays into the dating world.

Speaking of the dating world, what's the dating scene like in the Bay Area? Let's take a quick look:

The San Francisco Dating Scene Today

One of the running jokes about the San Francisco dating scene is that when it comes to finding dates, "the odds are good, but the goods are odd." Here's what to expect, as well as why they might pose a challenge for you:

You'll Meet Many People in Tech

People with careers in tech are brilliant but somewhat socially awkward. In San Francisco, you might find yourself dating several tech people in a row before you meet someone who's socially savvy.

It's Not Exactly a Place for Settling Down

More people go to San Francisco to work or see the sights, and not particularly to settle down. That's why you'll likely have more success exploring the hookup scene than trying to find "the one."

There are Plenty of Outdoor Activities to Enjoy

Picnicking at one of San Francisco's many parks, visiting Fisherman's Wharf, hiking, going to the beach--the list goes on. It's easy to find groups to enjoy SF's sights, and that means plenty of opportunities to meet new people.

If that feels like a lot to take in, that's because it is. And that's precisely why finding a good SF dating coach will help you navigate its bustling dating scene much more quickly.

Top 5 Dating Coaches in San Francisco

If you're ready to find the one-or the one for this weekend-in San Francisco, check out the following dating coaches and see which one is the best for you:

#1. Soniyah Singh

Soniyah Singh

Soniyah Singh is a life coach and the founder of Finding Bliss Signature Coaching, which is based in the Bay Area. She and her team help singles who are looking for relationships and couples who are looking to improve the ones they have.

Finding Bliss's services include:

  • Relationship Coaching
  • The "Catch Pool" - their matchmaking services
  • "The Power of Love," an 8-week online course

90% of Soniyah's clients are direct referrals, which speaks highly of her company. To learn more about her and Finding Bliss, visit their website here.

#2. Shannon's Circle

Shannon's Circle

Shannon's Circle offers elite matchmaking services to intellectually curious San Francisco Bay Area singles. It's headed by dating coach Shannon Lundgren, a matchmaker, entrepreneur, former senior executive, and Ivy League graduate/MBA. She's also on the board of the Harvard Business School Club of Northern California.

Shannon matches her clients with her extensive network of entrepreneurs, CEOs, professionals, and investors in the Bay Area. Likewise, her clients are intelligent, successful, sophisticated, balanced, and have strong networks.

If that sounds like you, then Shannon's just might be the circle you're looking for. Visit her website to learn more about how she can help you.

#3. Courteney Kay Coaching

Courteney Kay

Courteney Kay is a dating coach in the San Francisco Bay Area, and she has three particular coaching offerings:

  • Matchmaking services, where she introduces you to vetted matches who are just as eager to meet you;
  • One-on-one coaching programs, where she gives you and your personal goals her undivided attention; and
  • Group coaching packages, where you get the guidance and strategies you need along with other like-minded individuals.

Best of all, Courteney is happy to give you a free 30-minute session to see if she's the right coach for you. If you'd like to learn more about how Courteney can help you, visit her website here.

#4. Lauren Korshak, MFT

Lauren Korshak

Lauren Korshak is the founder of Lovewell SF, a group of wellness practitioners and life coaches who help clients create better, more mindful relationships. Their services include:

  • Couples therapy, which covers pre-marital counseling, break-ups, infidelity, and divorce
  • Group therapy, with a focus on general wellness
  • Dating coaching, which also tackles issues like anxiety and self-care
  • Individual therapy, which can help you deal with life transitions, food image struggles, body language, and family relationships
  • Classes and workshops that cover a range of topics, including spiritual counseling and mindfulness

If you feel a more Eastern approach is what your love life needs, then Lovewell SF may be the mindful choice. Visit their website here to learn more.

#5. Jessica Anne Engle, MFT

Jessica Anne Engle

Jessica Anne Engle is a California-licensed MFT, dating coach, and couples counselor. She is also the founder of The Relationship Center, a team of counselors, therapists, and coaches who help people who want to feel loved and accepted.

In particular, The Relationship Center helps people struggling with:

  • Finding love (including via online dating)
  • Social anxiety (especially among professionals and other high-achievers)
  • A complicated relationship with one's partner
  • Adjusting to the responsibilities of parenting
  • Childhood trauma
  • Work challenges
  • Major life transitions (especially among couples)
  • Culture shock (especially with marriage)
  • Intimacy issues
  • Other issues that bother highly-sensitive introverts

If you sound like their ideal clients and want to recenter yourself, find a new strategy, and finally move forward with life, then Jessica and her team would likely be delighted to meet you. Click here to learn more about The Relationship Center and how they can help you.

Find Your San Francisco Dating Coach Now

"The odds are good, but the goods are odd"--a funny yet apt description of the San Francisco dating scene. Fortunately, you've just been introduced to five of the best dating coaches in the Bay Area:

  • Soniyah Singh of Finding Bliss Signature Coaching
  • Shannon Lundgren of Shannon's Circle
  • Courteney Kay of Courteney Kay Coaching
  • Lauren Korshak of Lovewell SF
  • Jessica Anne Engle of The Relationship Center

Did we miss a Bay Area dating coach you feel should have made it to this list? Let us know in the comments below!
Meanwhile, if you're a man who wants to improve your self confidence and successfully date more women--and would like the services of a reliable dating coach--then let's talk. Click here now to see how I can help you.

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