Top 5 Dating Coaches For Men In Singapore To Achieve Love And Dating Success

Who’s the best dating coach in Singapore? That would depend on the kind of advice and guidance you need for your own love life.

That said, this article lists our top 5 dating coaches from the Garden City, as well as their unique specialties.

Our Top 5 Dating Coaches in Singapore

1. Malcolm of Social Skydiving

Malcolm (Social Skydiving)

Social Skydiving is an academy that helps Singaporean men achieve more success in love and dating. It was founded in 2015 by dating and relationship coach Malcolm, and it offers various dating courses and programs tailored ‌for men in the Garden City.

2. Angela Ip-Weaver of Lunch Actually

Angela Ip-Weaver (Lunch Actually)

Lunch Actually is a dating agency in Singapore that helps singles meet good matches. Angela Ip-Weaver is the current assistant head of coaching. If you fancy meeting pre-screened, pre-qualified matches over lunch in Singapore, create your profile here.

3. Johnny Cassell

Johnny Cassell

If you’re a Singaporean man who misses the more straightforward (and politically less correct) approach of the pickup artist (PUA) years, then Johnny Cassell is probably the coach for you. He offers dedicated, in-field training services, much like in the old days. Learn more on his website here.

4. Cherlyn Chong

Cherlyn Chong

Are you a high-achieving woman in Singapore who has gone through one toxic relationship with a man after another? Then Cherlyn Chong can help you. She helps women like you stop dating the wrong men and start meeting the right ones instead. Learn more on her website,

5. David Tian, Ph.D.

David Tian, Ph.D.

David Tian is a Certified IFS Therapy Practitioner and international personal development coach. He helps men find happiness, success, and fulfillment in dating through his website, Check it out to listen to his podcasts, videos, and online courses.

Who’s the Best Coach for You?

Which of our top 5 dating coaches in Singapore sounds like the one for you? Go ahead and check them out–you might finally find the success and happiness you’ve been looking for after you do.


Do dating coaches really work?

It takes two to tango. A dating coach works by identifying your goals, finding out why you're not achieving them, and helping you work through them so you'll get your desired results more easily. Whether or not they work will depend on how closely you, the client, follow their advice.

How much do dating coaches cost?

For one-on-one sessions, a dating coach can charge you $40 to $300 an hour or more. If you're on a budget, you might consider working with a coach who offers group consultations (check their schedule) or buy their courses and books.

Find the Perfect Dating Coach for You

This article introduced you to five of the best dating coaches who are based in Singapore. Did we miss anyone? If you feel we should have mentioned a particular coach here, let us know in the comments and we'll look into them.

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