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Are You Single in New York? a Dating Coach Can Help

No more bad dates and boring conversations. Whether you’re in Westchester, Long Island, NJ, or NYC, you can meet the woman of your dreams. Learn the old fashioned way of meeting women with a dating coach in New York.

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When you learn how to become a confident man, you’ll no longer have to rely on online dating, clubs, meeting through friends, or hitting on coworkers. Liberate yourself to meet women naturally.

Life is a series of experiences which turn into valued stories. What do you want to tell your kids one day? That you met their mother on Tinder, through a matchmaker, or that you had the courage to walk up and say “hi”?

Start your next relationship with an unforgettable experience. You can create a new romance by taking things into your own hands, and meeting women naturally.

Dating in NYC Is Hard in 2024

Dating in NYC is hard for guys without the right social tools and confidence. If you’ve ever seen a woman walk by and didn’t know what to say, you’re not alone. It’s easy to feel frustrated when anxiety or shyness kicks in. After all, she’s a complete stranger, and it might be “awkward”.

It doesn’t have to be awkward though. Women love it when a well put together man has the courage to approach them the right way. Being honest, direct, and knowing how to use your voice, body language and a smile can charm almost anyone when done properly.

It all comes down to the man you are. The social skills to make it happen, and the courage to take action, are learnable skills. Learning these skills and gaining experience doing what most men only dream of will change your character. That will make you a stronger, bolder man in the process.

Instead of feeling frustrated in 2024, dating can be an adventure.

The Same Old Dating Cliches

Dating events, speed dating, meeting through friends, the internet, and worst of all, hitting on coworkers, are some of the usual routes guys take when trying to find a relationship. These are all very limiting though.

You’re obviously here because you’re a man who wants options.

These options can sometimes work, but they have major downsides.

  1. Meeting someone at work – You’re in the same office, have the same coworkers, same boss, and if things go south rumors will spread like wildfire. In modern times, it’s common for sexual harassment claims to be made, and if she doesn’t take that route it’s easy for her to drop a note to the boss which may end your career. Keeping the office and your love life separate is better for your health.
  2. Meeting through friends – You would have done it already if that was a good option. It requires depending on buddies who are generous enough to introduce you, and can also cause drama when things don’t go well. Some guys do well within their social circles but you have to have a large social circle which includes lots of female “friends” to make it work.
  3. The internet – Online dating can work great for guys under 35, but most end up having to lie about their ages after 35 because of age filters. There can still be lots of options though, just not quality options… A lot of the same women who would filter you out online because of pics or other filters, will love you if you approach them in person. Online is more about marketing than personality.
  4. Clubs or bars – If you’re in the market for a relationship, women who frequent clubs aren’t going to be the best pick. Although many different types of people will go clubbing, it’s not the best place to select a relationship quality woman. Alcohol alters peoples personalities so you never know what you’re really getting. Not to mention the fact you’re competing with dozens of intoxicated guys who are there for the same thing.

It’s not easy to breakaway from the typical dating routes but when you do, you’re options will expand big time. To meet women the old fashioned way it requires specialized dating skills and courage.

Here’s how to make it happen:

1. NY Dating Coaches

Being single in NYC isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Get coaching in your city so you can find the kind of relationship you deserve. A dating or relationship coach is like a personal wingman. He’ll take you out and show you how to talk to women in a way which creates interest.

Learn how to chat with singles without coming across as awkward. Dating is much easier when you can learn from a successful example, right before your eyes. Your coach will give you feedback so that you can improve your approach every time.

2. Dating Coach Reviews

Check out all of my reviews on Google by clicking here.


3. The Power of 1-On-1 Coaching

Being average with women means lowering our standards as men.

Too many guys settle for second best because of a lack of options. Guys who choose coaching want more because they know that average doesn’t cut it. After all, the quality of your relationships is at stake.

A coach is a personal trainer for your love life who can help you create relationship options and social confidence. Instead of fumbling through life, coaching will provide clarity and support so you don’t have to figure everything out on your own.


  • Flirting – Flirt like a pro and turn the heat up on command.
  • Conversation – Develop advanced conversational skills so you avoid awkward silences and boring conversations.
  • Body language – The words we say are only part of the picture. Communicate confidence with your body to create attraction.
  • How to ask her home – Learn how to ask her home without coming across as “creepy” or “pushy”.
  • How to set up a second date – You’ll get your own process to make first dates amazing so that she’ll want to see you again.
  • Texting – Proper texting so you don’t have to guess what to say to get more dates.
  • Craft your charisma – Develop the charisma of James Bond without having to become an undercover agent.
  • Confidence – Develop the courage to take action in any situation. More confidence will move you forward to get your ideal relationship. It’s not fun being stuck because of shyness, anxiety or a lack of know-how.
  • Success mindsets – Many guys suffer from conflicting beliefs which paralyze them and prevent success. Without the proper mindsets you can’t take the right actions. Overcome negative beliefs about yourself, dating, relationships and women so that you can gain bigger results.

All of these skill sets together will make you into the kind of man who has dating and relationship options. Want a date this weekend? You’ll have the confidence to go out and get one, without the internet, clubs, social events or introductions.

Declare independence day in your love life.

4. Dating Coach Rates

Coaching rates will vary depending on your personal needs. All programs are custom designed to handle your specific challenges, and help you grow as a man.

Dating Mentorships

Mentorships can run between 3-6 months and are normally conducted online via Skype, with an option for in person training in NYC. This is deep training which will help you:

  • Develop confident habits
  • Powerful success mindsets
  • Remove self sabotage
  • Build confidence with women, career and friends
  • Learn advanced social skills
  • Learn how to approach women and get dates anywhere in public

Mentorships are 100% custom so your investment will vary depending on your needs. Click the big green button below to get a free coaching session and learn more.

Dating Bootcamps

Dating bootcamps are done in person in New York or people may consider speed dating in NYC, or my home city of Vancouver Canada. Bootcamps start at $2497 USD in NYC for one on one coaching plus expenses. Each bootcamp is 2 intensive days where you’ll talk to more women than you have in your life. You will get live demonstrations by your coach who will break down every approach, step by step.

Get direct feedback after starting conversations with women so you can make rapid improvements. Coaching is done with a wireless mic so you can listen to your coach when he starts a conversation, and so he can also listen to your conversations to help you improve.

Scroll down to apply and get a free consultation.

About Conquer & Win

I’ve been a full time dating coach since 2011, and since then have helped hundreds of men realize their dreams with women. It’s gone far beyond just dating and relationships though. Guys who come here realize that personal development is the key to unlocking the potential in all areas of our lives.

My writing is featured on Lifehack, Elite Daily, The Good Men Project, Plenty of Fish, Zoosk and many other sites. I’ve also been interviewed by the Menprovement Podcast and Global News among others.

I learned dating skills and confidence because I suffered from severe depression, social anxiety, shyness and even health problems. This pushed me to grow into something better because I was sick of the life I was living.

I figured out that social skills and confidence are learnable and eventually started teaching other men. They got results so I ended up coaching full time. All programs have been modified from years of experience to help you learn faster.

Conquer & Win is for men who want more out of life.

Learn how coaching can change your love life and get a free one on one coaching session. No sales person will call, and there’s no obligation. Get your dating questions answered now:

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