Meet more women in 2 days than you have in the last 2 years

Get a dating bootcamp to jump-start your results with women, and

your personal development journey.

Learn faster than ever before with LIVE demonstrations, and step by step instructions guided by your coach.


  • Low-key approach strategies women respond to (Don't attract unwanted attention)
  • The best ways to open a conversation on the street, cafe, grocery store etc. (A natural approach which doesn't look weird or "creepy")
  • How to feel confident talking to any woman, anywhere
  • Conversational skills to keep things interesting (No more awkward silence)
  • How to follow up by text to set up a date (avoid the 3 biggest text mistakes guys make to lose dates)

And more.

Overcome your social anxieties and shyness

​All of us are conditioned from past experiences (or the lack of experience) and that often gets in the way of our goals.

When you see a woman you want to talk to, anxiety starts building and it can feel like wearing concrete shoes.

It's literally paralyzing.

The muscles tense up in your guts, heart starts beating faster, and when she walks away you're left with nothing but a feeling of disappointment.

Within seconds she's gone, and you'll never know what could have been.

Your dating bootcamp will help you overcome anxiety by boosting your experience and social skills dramatically.

Learn faster with one-on-one instruction so you don't have to do it alone.

This is for all men, regardless of race, height, age or looks. Learn what really attracts women and overcome all dating challenges.

What you get

  • Get your dream-relationship: Learn how to meet and date the kind of woman you want so you can get a quality long-term relationship
  • 1-6 full days of intensive one on one training: 100% customized training, one on one (choose your program below)
  • Tons of experience: Meet more women and get more dates on a single weekend than you have in the last two years
  • No sleazy PUA tactics: Learn how to meet women naturally in any situation, using an honest approach
  • Massive levels of confidence: Go anywhere knowing you can meet women as you please
  • Upgrade your lifestyle: Stop wasting time and struggling wondering how to meet women, and start meeting them on your bootcamp

Why this is different than your average bootcamp

Most bootcamps cram you in with a bunch of other guys.

This means you're actual coaching time is limited, and you end up standing around waiting your turn to get feedback and coaching.

"You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with." - Jim Rohn

With a one-on-one bootcamp, you get the full attention of your coach, and the power of influence and positive habit building which can't be beat by group programs. 

From the start of the day until the end of the day, you'll get maximum exposure, direct one-on-one coaching, and lifestyle mentoring.

How dating bootcamps work

  • Meet your coach on your scheduled day for one on one training
  • Your coach will wear a mic so you can listen to his conversations and live demos to learn by example. Each demonstration will be broken down so you will gain insights you can apply.
  • You will wear a mic so your coach can listen to your conversations, and then get direct feedback to improve every conversation you have.
  • Customized training: Your coaching experience will be customized to maximize your progress.
  • You will talk to a lot of women: With your coach by your side, you will get tons of experience and build confidence talking to real women, getting phone numbers and getting dates.
  • Learn real dating skills: You'll learn how to cold approach, how to overcome approach anxiety, conversation starters (not pick up lines), natural conversation skills, how to ask women on dates, confident body language, attraction principles to create real connections, how to text and more.
  • A plan to follow: After your bootcamp is over, you'll get a full review so you can continue improving. A plan will also be created for you so you can continue meeting women every day and find your ideal relationship.
  • Text & date coaching: You will get follow up support so you know what to text the women you met, and how to set up your dates. You'll also get dating tips so your first dates turn into second dates, and more.

Here's what you can expect on your dating bootcamp:

Approach Anxiety is no more

"Working with Eddy is fun as hell! Within the first hour of meeting him he already had me out of my shell and doing things I never dreamed possible for me.

Growing up in a strict Catholic household I was very shy when it came to girls and constantly feared rejection. Eddy helped me realize the areas where I needed help, pushed me when I needed it and gave me the positive reinforcement I had been missing. Approach Anxiety is no more. "

Dom Cirillo // Chef

Get real results

"I had struggled for many years to create attraction and step away from the friendzone. His feedback made me realize exactly how I can be perceived as a true man, and that got me to create better connections with women.

The best part of this experience is that I didn't have to go through ridiculous changes in myself to get real results."

Uriel Alcalde // Database Engineer

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Details for all dating bootcamps:

  • Learn the best confidence boosters, advanced social skills and get a massive amount of experience meeting real women!
  • Listen to your coach using a mic for in-depth approach examples
  • Get in depth feedback from your coach on every one of your conversations (you'll wear a mic so your coach can listen and watch)
  • Learn real conversation skills with women (NO pick up lines)
  • Develop authentic self expression (no sleazy PUA tactics)
  • All bootcamp options below are private, one-on-one
  • For all men, regardless of age, race, height, weight or looks. Develop the social skills and confidence to attract great women.
  • Your bootcamp date will be set after signing up below. Available dates are normally 2-6 weeks in advance, and can be on weekdays or weekends.
  • All bootcamps start at 10:00am and end at 4pm daily and are held in downtown Vancouver (Want a bootcamp in your city? Contact me here)


1 day meeting real women and one-on-one instruction



  • 1 day with your coach, one on one


2 days meeting real women and one-on-one instruction



  • A full 2 days with your coach (most popular)


6 days meeting real women and one-on-one instruction



  • 6 full days with your coach (Advanced)

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Have more questions or want a bootcamp in your city? Get in touch with me directly here. Custom options and mentorships available.