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 Meet More Women in 2 Days Than 

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This has been the most craziest, wildest bootcamp I've ever been on! And this was my third one. It was an amazing experience.

Dan Seattle, Washington

How a Bootcamp Can Help You

Meet Tons of Women

Bootcamps are designed to accelerate your experience in a short time. This means you'll be with our coach, meeting dozens of attractive women each day of your training.

Get Expert Guidance

Your coach will be with you for every conversation so you can get the best experience possible.

Learn From Live Examples

Watch your coach in action so you have a live example of what to do. Your coaches demonstrations will help you develop your foundation early in your bootcamp.

Get Dates Everywhere You Go

Your bootcamp will give you the experience you need so that you can walk up to any woman, start a conversation, and walk away with her number.  

A satisfied client who took things to another level on his program

Why is this different than your average bootcamp?

Most bootcamps cram you in with a bunch of other guys.

This means you're actual coaching time is limited. You end up standing around waiting your turn to get feedback and coaching.

Time is valuable: With one-on-one training, you'll be in action and learning the entire time. 

"You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with." - Jim Rohn 

Jim Rohn - Speaker and Writer

Get 100% of your coaches attention from start to finish.

This can't be beaten by group programs which force you to share your coach, distracting his attention and reducing the quality of your training. 

Learn more, faster, and get a custom experience which is second to none. 

Good news from another client who met his ideal match

Vancouver Dating Bootcamp 

Where will your bootcamp take place? My home base is Vancouver Canada, so all details are relevant here.  However, I've trained guys around the world, including Dallas Texas, Seattle Washington, Hong Kong, Toronto and other cities. Training is available anywhere upon request. 

What to expect from your your bootcamp

  • Choose Between 1 to 2 Days: See your coach in-person on a one day or two day bootcamp. You'll meet in the morning to get an early start so you can meet as many women as possible.
  • Custom Training: Your bootcamp will be adjusted to fit your needs. Some guys need more guidance than others, and you can be sure you'll get the support you need. You'll start with simple exercises to build your confidence before doing any direct approaches. 
  • Live Demos: Your coach will start by demonstrating live approaches so you can watch and learn. Get comfortable learning the skills you need before talking to anyone. 
  • Meet Women in Multiple Scenarios: You'll get experience starting conversations with different types of openers. You'll also meet women in different scenarios so you can get the skills you need for any situation.
  • Wear a Mic: You'll wear a mic so your coach can watch & listen to all of your conversations to give you the best feedback possible. Learn deep insights that will help you improve quickly. Your coach will also wear a mic during demos so you can listen in for more insights. 

One successful bootcamp clients text right before catching his flight

Who is this for?

Your dating bootcamp is for men who are interested in having great relationships with high quality women. Whether for long term or short term. You decide. 

This is not a program for aspiring pickup artist. 

I typically work with men who have professional careers in engineering, software, tech or entrepreneurship. Although I've also worked with men in trades or other fields too. 

Eddy Baller  //  Dating Coach & Entrepreneur 

I started learning how to overcome depression, social anxiety and shyness 22 years ago.

I decided to change my life and learned principles from positive psychology and exposure therapy. I didn’t have the luxury of a coach at the time so the road was long.

After learning online dating, I realized that the best place to meet women was in real-life, not behind a computer screen.

Single women are everywhere, we just need to have the courage to say “hi”.

After many months of trying on my own I decided to try a dating coach. I signed up for a short bootcamp with a few other guys, and that experience changed my life.

Relationship coaching will change your life too.

I’ve been training men since 2011 to improve their social lives and get confident with women.

My writing is featured on Lifehack, Order of Man, The Art of Manliness, PsychCentral and many other sites. 

Eddy Baller

Join the men I've been helping since 2011


Eddy’s program has been one of the best investments I have made.

“Eddy’s program has been one of the best investments I have made. Eddy has been a perfect mentor, coach and hype man to get me to take right action and change my life.”

Adrian  //  Toronto, Canada

One of the best investment I have done since immigrating here!

One of the best investment I have done since immigrating here! I always find Vancouverite attractive and interesting but felt intimidated and insecure, believing that there's no way they could be interested in an Asian immigrant (wrong stereotype, btw!) like me.

I felt like the only way I could find a decent date & gf is to go back to my home country. I didnt like that option nor the lack of fun interaction w woman.
Something had to change and Eddy inspired me to become better and challenged my outdated mindsets.

Doanh  // Vancouver, Canada

Another client who made it happen. Now it's YOUR turn to get the love life you deserve

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1 day meeting real women with one-on-one instruction



  • 1 full day with your coach from 10am to 4:30pm
  • One-on-one training
  • Customized program
  • Microphone for better insights


6 days meeting real women with one-on-one instruction



  • 6 full days with your coach from 10am to 4:30pm
  • One-on-one training
  • Customized program
  • Microphone for better insights
  • One month of free weekly follow up sessions to continue building your skills (4 sessions, 1 hour each) plus 6 months email support

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. Try your bootcamp risk free now, and if you're not completely satisfied after your first hour, you'll get a full refund. See full terms and conditions here

Eddy Baller

What will we do on the bootcamp?

We'll meet at a café to start. I'll give you a basic plan for the day which will be adjusted as you progress. 

You'll receive live demos so you can watch and listen to real conversations in different situations. This will give you a good example to follow before you start approaching. 

Depending on your comfort level, you'll be given some basic exercises to build your confidence. And to teach your foundational skills for approaching and starting conversations with women. 

Exercises will get progressively more difficult as you advance. Eventually you'll be talking to dozens of women and building your experience levels rapidly. 

If you're on a 2 day bootcamp the second day will start at a faster pace so you can build your skills even faster than the first day, and meet as many women as possible. 


What will I learn from your training?

You'll learn:

  • How to approach women in different natural situations, both indoors and outdoors. 
  • How to start casual conversations which turn into dates
  • How to lead a conversation to build attraction
  • Body language to project confidence, and attract women
  • How to use your voice like  man
  • How to avoid the worst mistakes guys make which turn women off
  • The best way to ask women on dates to maximize your success
  • How to send follow up text messages and avoid flakes 
  • What to do on your first date
  • How to get "instant dates"
  • How to overcome approach anxiety and self doubt

What if I'm not very good looking, tall or young?

On your bootcamp, you'll learn what women are really attracted to. And it has nothing to do with your looks, height, race, age or financial status. 

The principles and skills being taught have been developed since 2011 when I started my coaching career. 

They have been tested on all kinds of men. From short and "stout", to tall and skinny, fit, unfit, attractive, unattractive, with Asians, Indians, Hispanics, Caucasians and many other races and cultures.

The new skills and confidence you'll learn are not dependent on your looks or other physical features.

If you feel down about your looks you can arrange for a pre-bootcamp style consultation to help you look and feel your best. Message for more details. 


Can I still meet women if I'm shy?

Yes! You will be warmed up with basic, easy to follow exercises before getting into anything more difficult. 

Your coach will be there with you, the entire time, and help you overcome any shyness you may be experiencing with women. 

Long before I started coaching, I was shy and would get anxiety from large groups. I overcame shyness by re-training myself and changing certain habits. You can too. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How often will we meet?

You will have one coaching session per week for an hour each session. Coaching sessions are highly concentrated, and different skillsets will be broken down so you can learn in "small chunks".

This will help you absorb lessons as effectively as possible. You'll be assigned different challenges to keep making progress between sessions.  

You'll also be held accountable with follow ups from your coach, and an update schedule so you can stay on track.

Will we meet in person or online?

Sessions done in Vancouver and the lower mainland are conducted in person. You'll be talking to real women, every week with feedback and live demonstrations from your coach to help you improve. 

How long is the program?

The minimum commitment for your mentorship is 3 months. After the first three months you can continue your program month to month until you feel confident enough doing it on your own.

What kind of results can I expect?

Individual results will vary based on your past experience, personal aptitude and consistency. 

Whatever point your starting from you can expect to be 100% ahead of where you are now. 

Some results from past students include: losing virginity, getting girlfriends and long term partners, one night stands, long term lovers, new levels of confidence as a man, regular dates and more. 

See the testimonials on this page for real feedback from past clients. 

What if I'm not good looking or young?

Looks and age are not the most important factors in attracting women. Your confidence and social skills are the keys to attracting quality women.

If you feel insecure about your looks you'll receive consultations to improve your fashion and fitness. You'll also get mindset training to improve your personal identity and self esteem. This will result you becoming more attractive and confident 

What makes this program different from other programs?

Your Social Mastery Accelerator has been in development since 2011.

By seeing what actually works for men over many years, I've developed a mentorship program focused on realistic training without gimmicks. 

Unlike many programs out there, your mentorship is for real men like yourself, not "pickup artists". 

Your program is customized for you, and will always be one on one. As you progress your program will be adjusted. No groups taking your coaches attention away. 

This is a true personal development & relationship program which gets long term results. Not quick fixes. 

Will this help me have better relationships?

Yes! Meeting women and dating are only the first steps. You'll learn relationship skills and communication skills to become much more effective in long term relationships. As well as the confidence to keep your woman turned on by you and coming back for more. 

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