DARE To Be Dull (Date Secret)

Many guys think they need something really interesting or funny or witty to say to start a conversation with a girl.

This is used as an excuse for missing opportunities. Guys always say "I don't know what to say", because they're waiting for something perfect to say.

Well, I'm challenging you right now: dare to be dull.

You don't need anything interesting to say to a woman to start a conversation. That is just insecurity speaking.

Women aren't like AI machines that need some special code word to start a conversation in the proper way.

Of course, there are good ways and less good ways to start conversations, but the only way you're going to know is when you try.

You can start a conversation with almost any comment. It's going to come down to more the way you say it than anything else.

It could be completely dull and mundane and very basic or average, whatever. It doesn't matter. You've got to open your mouth and talk to her.

After 11 years of coaching, I know that some things definitely work better than others, but usually it comes back to how the guy is saying it.

If he's full of energy, enthusiastic and says it with a smile, he can say the most boring thing and spark a conversation and interest.

That practice is not going to happen while you're still thinking about the perfect thing to say.

So, dare to be dull, say something instead of nothing. Learn the ropes of starting conversations with attractive women.

Start experimenting and facing the rejection you've been avoiding for so long, so you can start reaping rewards.

However, if you're not willing to take any risk at all, then you need to stop complaining about not getting dates. That's all there is to it.

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