Coaching Terms & Conditions

By signing up for automatic billing/recurring or subscription billing you are agreeing to complete a minimum of three payments except in the case of exemptions (Exemptions are made via email explicitly. Refer to your on-boarding email for details. Email agreements trump the terms and conditions set on this page).

After the first three payments (today counts as one) you may cancel anytime. Cancellations should be made in writing via email to: [email protected]

You will receive a minimum of one session per week for one hour (unless otherwise specified). Sessions may be longer depending on availability. Sessions are conducted online or in person.

At times you may receive coaching from a Conquer & Win executive coach when Eddy Baller is unavailable.

Challenges issued are to be completed in between session. Reading materials may be issued and are to be downloaded from Amazon or on Audible (not included). Some books may be included if explicitly noted. 

A regular schedule will be set and will be followed as closely as possible. If a re-schedule is necessary please provide notice the day before. The session may be stacked onto your next session or will be scheduled separately. Sessions which are cancelled the same day are not redeemable.

You will have access to your coach 7 days per week via email or text (before 7pm PST), and can set up calls when necessary for extra support (subject to availability). 

You agree to follow directions and dedicate your best effort to all drills, exercises, coaching sessions, and follow through as consistently as possible. 

It's possible your coach may have to travel at times. If a trip is extended (more than 3 weeks) then payments will be paused. Missed sessions will be rolled forward to be scheduled at another date.

There are no refunds.

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