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What Happens When You Die: An Interview with Michael Shermer

What happens when you die?That’s the question that caused Michael Shermer to write his book Heavens on Earth:The Scientific Search for the Afterlife, Immortality, and Utopia. ​A debunker of pseudoscientific

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Master Your Mindset for Success With Andrew Silltoe

Andrew Sillitoe is a business psychologist, a performance coach, and author from Kent, England. He’s worked with everyone from athletes to CEO’s to help them master their mindset for success in all

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Oren Klaff: How to Pitch Anything and Close Deals

For those who haven’t come across Oren Klaff - the author of the bestselling sales bible, Pitch Anything - you're in for quite a ride and a great lesson on how to pitch.Klaff is a charismatic speaker

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The Best Tips on How to Approach Women: Tripp Advice

Do you struggle to get the confidence to go up and say “hi”? If you don't know how to approach women, starting a conversations will be nearly impossible. Tripp Kramer's (Tripp Advice) has some

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Derek Cajun: How to Avoid Toxic Relationships

Derek Cajun, the CEO of Love Systems knows all about relationship drama and how to avoid it. In particular, avoiding toxic relationships.He's experienced it before and knows all of the symptoms. Maybe

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Chris Voss: How to win any negotiation now

Have you ever found yourself in a negotiation that felt like it was going nowhere?  Do you often find yourself unable to strike the perfect deal?Do you want to learn the art of negotiation from the

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Jack Donovan: Never apologize for being a man

As men we’re all born with certain ingrained masculine qualities. It’s at the very core of what makes us men. These qualities help us live more powerful lives, strengthen our communities,

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Adam Lyons (AFC Adam) Interview On How To Create Success And Connect With Important People

Adam goes deep into how to create success in your life and connect with important people. He also explains that “luck” isn’t really luck, and how by just being positive you will actually

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Arash Dibazar Interview: Make Fast Decisions, Escape Mediocrity, Become Powerful

“Anybody anywhere can make a change in their condition”. Arash talks about how to make FAST decisions and the importance of speed in life, the media and the idea of bullying, as well as his

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BEER WITH CAJUN: How To Create An Abundant Love Life

Derek Cajun of Love Systems talks about what to say when you meet a woman, logic Vs. emotion and how you’re probably shooting yourself in the foot by not connecting with women emotionally. Derek

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