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12 Tips to Improve Your Confidence and Become Good at Dating

Self-confidence is one of the most important things you can learn in your lifetime since it affects nearly every aspect of your life. Yet many people struggle with it, and because of this, their lives

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How to Overcome Shyness! (57 Great Tips)

Shyness and social anxiety can ruin a person’s self esteem and social freedom.“She’s so awkward! Everything she says is stupid. And look at what she’s wearing – ugh. Such white trash; why does

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How to be a man (10 Klingon lessons!)

“If a warrior does not fight, he does not breathe.” – Klingon proverb This is a guide on how to be a man: lessons from the Klingon’s. The Klingon’s are some of the toughest warriors in

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Why stand up comedians are tougher than you (Personal growth challenge)

Personal challenge ideas: Stand up comedy I’ve always been fascinated by stand-up comedians. There’s so many skills which require years of dedication to perfect, such as timing, delivery, body language,

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The Personal Development High: Why Self Help Junkies Fail To Create Success

Why personal development isn’t working for you. Many of us go searching for a sort of personal development cornucopia; a source of information or ‘trick’ to make us into better people

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Elliott Hulse Interview: “Set an intention then forget about it’

 “If you don’t fix this, you will be a bitch for the rest of your life.” – Elliott Hulse I interviewed Elliott Hulse on the Ultimate Men’s Podcast. Elliott goes deep into

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Aaron Marino (AlphaM) Interview: How to become a successful man

Was stoked to have Aaron Marino, known as “AlphaM” on the Ultimate Men’s Podcast. Enjoy the video right here, or feel free to read the transcript below. Eddy: So I got Aaron Marino, “AlphaM”

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Why Vancouver Women Are Cold And What Van City Men Can Do About It

The verdict is in; Vancouver women are unapproachable, cold hearted kitten kickers… At least that’s the impression I get every time I see another shitty article about dating in Vancouver or

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One Tip To Kill Procrastination Without Any Effort: Activation Energy Principle

This is an EASY tip to implement right now, not tomorrow. I mean NOW. This principle will help you: Overcome procrastination Save time Actually achieve goals Feel awesome about yourself because you finally

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Darren Djfuji: Treat Your Life Like A Business to Attract More Women, Money, and Success

Eddy: Thanks, man. I appreciate it. Good to be here. Share the love by liking this post. Interested in coaching to get an unfair advantage in your own love life? Click here.

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