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How to be a man (10 Klingon lessons!)

“If a warrior does not fight, he does not breathe.” – Klingon proverb This is a guide on how to be a man: lessons from the Klingon’s. The Klingon’s are some of the toughest warriors in

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Jack Donovan Interview: Feminist and White Knights Vs. Masculinity

What is Masculinity? In this interview with Jack Donovan, author of The Way of Men, we explore the meaning of masculinity, its roots, and how feminist and white knights are anti-male. Want to meet women?

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Mister Metokur: Crazy Social Justice Warriors, Feminist, Rape Culture Hysteria

Trigger Warning! Mister Metokur: Crazy Social Justice Warriors, Feminist, Rape Culture Hysteria.I interviewed Mister Metokur a while back. We had an interesting conversation on the modern state of feminism,

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Aaron Marino (AlphaM) Interview: How to become a successful man

Was stoked to have Aaron Marino, known as “AlphaM” on the Ultimate Men’s Podcast. Enjoy the video right here, or feel free to read the transcript below. Eddy: So I got Aaron Marino, “AlphaM”

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Feminism Vs. Egalitarianism: How Can We Cultivate a Safer Society?

Guest Post by Andrew Nuttall Violence has roots, so does suffering. Both feminists and egalitarians have suggested ways to cultivate a safer society. Yet, some people are surprised to learn that the practice

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