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How to not look like a random “creepy” guy

How to not look like a random “creepy” guy The definitive guide to talking to women and not weirding them out. Have you ever really wanted to talk to a girl but you were worried about being “creepy”?

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Beer With Cajun: How To Create An Abundant Love Life (Video Interview)

Interview with Derek Cajun, dating coach, pickup artist and CEO of Love Systems. I did this interview a while ago but everything we talked about is relevant for any man who wants to overcome approach

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Why Vancouver Women Are Cold And What Van City Men Can Do About It

The verdict is in; Vancouver women are unapproachable, cold hearted kitten kickers… At least that’s the impression I get every time I see another shitty article about dating in Vancouver or

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Why You Should Get A Dating Coach Instead Of A Matchmaker In Vancouver

Dating coach vs. Matchmaker This is why you should get a dating coach instead of a matchmaker in Vancouver.  Also see:  Why Being The Asshole, the Nice Guy, and Being Yourself Never Seem to Work, and

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How To Get A Girls Phone Number

You’re sitting there having a great conversation, so you decide to ask for her phone number before leaving; then her facial expression changes and she looks down briefly, and hesitates before

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JT Tran Interview: The Asian Man’s Guide to Meeting and Dating Beautiful Women

My Interview with JT Tran, the “Asian Playboy” and successful entrepreneur who founded The ABC’s of attraction.  The full transcription (unedited) is below if you prefer to read, or

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Why Being The Asshole, The Nice Guy, and Being Yourself Never Seem To Work

Hears exactly what you need to do. First skip to the section of this article that suits your age and what your after.

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Romantic or Needy? The Real Reason Guys Get Tunnel Vision With Women

I got a msg from a friend the other night, he tells me, “I’ve got a crush on a girl I met at a work event.” “Cool”, I responded. “Ask her out.” “I didn’t

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Pick Up Artists Harassing Women In Vancouver? The Wrong Way To Meet Women

OK, this isn’t cool. There is a school of thought which I’ve seen from some dating coaches in Vancouver which makes everybody in this industry look very bad. It also leaves a lot of women

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Approach Women Like a Gentleman: 6 Ways To Get The Girlfriend Of Your Dreams

She walked past me in the opposite direction. Her face was eclipsed by a black umbrella tilted slightly forward, but I could see her lips, and my senses were tempted. At that moment, I was pushing through

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