Canadian Dating Coach: Eddy Baller of Conquer & Win (Learn How To Become The Most Confident Man)

Eddy Baller is the founder of Conquer and Win. He’s a dating coach who teaches men to be supremely confident in all social situations, including the dating game.

Early in his life, Eddy discovered (the hard way) that overcoming shyness is one of the most important achievements any man can make in life. When a man has social confidence, he can face any challenge in life, work, and love.

This article will introduce you to the following:

  • Eddy Baller and why he’s Canada’s dating coach for men
  • Eddy’s Conquer and Win Dating Bootcamp
  • How Eddy coaches and mentors his thousands of clients worldwide
  • How to get Eddy’s advice for free
  • How to reach Eddy for coaching and advice

Is Eddy the coach for you? Let’s find out.

Canada’s Dating Coach for Men

Eddy Baller is based in Vancouver, Canada. He serves many clients there, in Toronto, and in between, earning him the moniker “Canada’s Dating Coach for Men.”

That said, Eddy readily helps anyone who needs it worldwide. He does this through his online coaching program, offering mentoring and accountability to men no matter where they are in the world.

The Conquer and Win Dating Bootcamp

Aside from his regular coaching and mentoring duties, Eddy also periodically holds dating boot camps worldwide, including Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seattle, and Whistler. These dating boot camps are weekend events where men can learn social confidence on the field, along with a group of like-minded men with similar goals.

Eddy is happy to fly anywhere in the world his services are needed. If you want to join one of his dating boot camps in the near future, you can contact him here.

Mentoring by Eddy Baller

What exactly does Eddy teach? His coaching sessions and dating boot camps focus on building his clients’ social skills, which lets them:

  • Meet women naturally instead of relying on scripts and dating apps
  • Start conversations with women anytime instead of trying to force an interaction
  • Build supreme confidence–not just for dating, but for life in general
  • Lead solid and happy relationships instead of difficult, toxic ones
  • Destroy crippling issues like shyness, self-sabotage, and negative self-talk
  • Craft a reliable dating strategy that lets them turn the first date into a second, third, fourth, and so on.

If any of these sticking points have been haunting you for too long, then Eddy might be the one to help you overcome them.

Free Dating Advice for Men

Do you want to benefit from Eddy’s expertise but feel that a boot camp or online coaching program is out of your budget at the moment? No worries–you can get Eddy’s wisdom and advice for free.

Eddy maintains a blog and a podcast with his best dating advice for men. He also has a YouTube channel where he tackles common problems men encounter in the dating game. Check them out today.

Contact Eddy

So, is Eddy the coach for you? Let’s find out. Contact him today. Until then, Conquer and Win!

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