Cam Adair Interview: How To Kill Rejection And Become A Happy, Confident Man

"The quality of our lives comes down to the decisions that we make, and life is just a series of decisions."

Anxiety, depression, and the fear of rejection will make any man feel hopeless, but you don't have to be chained to these emotional lows.

Cam Adair, a Tedx speaker and the founder of Kingpin Social, has been through all of the emotional lows that men who lack confidence go through. As a teen he was bullied, and at the lowest point in his life he became suicidal and tried to deal with this depression by running from himself, thinking that just changing his city would change the way he felt.

The big lightbulb that went off was that he couldn't shake his emotions simply by running from his problems; you can't run away from yourself. As it has been said before, no matter where you go there you are.

Cam had to overcome many challenges before getting some major epiphanies which changed his life. One of the most significant had to do with coming to terms with one of his greatest fears, rejection:

"Rejection doesn't define us. It doesn't define you and it doesn't define me. It’s simply part of each of our stories. Every person experiences rejection in some form and by letting go of the stigma, embracing courage and being vulnerable to share your own story, you'll find the incredible gift of connecting more with others."

He also realized that by becoming more open and emotionally vulnerable he would could stop being so insecure and start feeling better about himself:

Eventually, I discovered that seeking support and being open about my challenges made them easier to overcome, and made me feel much better.

In this interview Cam talks about:

  • Learning to be humble and accepting feedback
  • How your ego keeps you from becoming happy
  • The value of gratitude
  • How to shift your perspective on rejection
  • Why rejection is so powerful
  • The deepest human fears
  • How to develop courage
  • Actionable steps to build a better life

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