How To Let A Girl Down Easy After A First Date?

Are you wondering how to let a girl down easy after a first date? Maybe the date seemed like a good idea at the time, but after meeting her, you'd rather schedule a second date with your dentist to drill your teeth out. If so, keep reading because in this post, you'll learn: And so […]

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How to Dress Well and Look Like a VIP

'Sponsored Post' Becoming a socially confident man isn’t always easy, particularly if you’ve suffered setbacks on your journey through life. For some, listening to a podcast helps, while others seek support from family and friends. One surefire way of feeling better about yourself, though, is if you look good.  After all, if we look good, […]

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Is The Mall a Good First Date?

If you're planning on asking a woman you're interested in on a first date, you may be wondering, is the mall a good first date? While the mall can be a good place to hang with friends or to get girls numbers, if you're planning a first date, it's not the best place to have […]

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Moving Too Slow Is Killing Your Dating Life (Surprising)

Are you a guy who thinks if you go slowly enough, you might avoid offending the girl you like and eventually she's going to fall madly in love with you? Do you also think that if you try to get sex early, that's going to mean you just want sex and there's definitely no way […]

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How To Know If A First Date Went Well

How to know if a first date went well? The first thing to address here is that far too many guys don't know what a sign looks like. They think if a girl is flicking her hair or flirting, that's a sign that she likes him. However, the real signs are much more obvious and […]

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What To Wear On A First Date (Suprising Answer)

Are you wondering what to wear on your first date so you can make the best impression, but you don't want to go out and spend a whole bunch of money? Then this is the post for you. Here's what you'll learn: And so much more. Let's jump into it. What To Wear On A […]

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What To Do On A First Date (GAME CHANGER)

Are you wondering what to do on a first date? Maybe you're worried you have to spend a whole bunch of money and go for dinner and talk with your mouth full. But that's just not true. In fact, this topic gets highly overcomplicated by guys who think they need to impress women. The harder […]

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How To Follow Up After A First Date (Try This)

So, you had a great date and you want to see her again, and now you’re wondering how to follow up after the first date. Well, I follow the kiss rule, which is keep it simple. Normally, the most direct method here is the best. Because if she likes you, it doesn't matter what you […]

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How To End A First Date (Nicely)

There are some different things you may want to consider when you're ending a first date, especially if you want to get a second date or even get laid. In this post, you'll learn: And so much more. Let's jump into it. How To End A First Date The answer to this comes down to […]

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How To Cancel A First Date (QUICK)

You may have agreed to go on a first date, but now you're regretting it. Maybe you decided you're not really into that BBW action, or maybe she's a bit crazy... or you do want to see her again, but something else came up that's important and you have to reschedule. In this post, you'll […]

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