Mister Metokur: Crazy Social Justice Warriors, Feminist, Rape Culture Hysteria

Trigger Warning! Mister Metokur: Crazy Social Justice Warriors, Feminist, Rape Culture Hysteria. I interviewed Mister Metokur a while back. We had an interesting conversation on the modern state of feminism, social justice warriors (SJW’s), PC culture, and all of the insanity it causes. NOTE: The transcriber injected her own opinions, in brackets, throughout the transcription. I deleted as much […]

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Elliott Hulse Interview “Set an intention then forget about it’

I interviewed Elliott Hulse on the Ultimate Men’s Podcast. Elliott goes deep into his history, starting from broke and eventually rising to become a huge success. Watch the video right here, or read the transcript below. Don’t forget to hit the like button right above. Eddy: Give us a quick, in a nutshell briefing about […]

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Aaron Marino (AlphaM) Interview: How to Become a Successful Man

Was stoked to have Aaron Marino, known as “AlphaM” on the Ultimate Men’s Podcast. Enjoy the video right here, or feel free to read the transcript below. Eddy: So I got Aaron Marino, “AlphaM” on the show, on the Ultimate Men’s Podcast. So, man, how ya doin’? Aaron: [00:40] Man, everything is great. Thanks, so much, for […]

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Why Vancouver Women Are Cold And What Van City Men Can Do About It

The verdict is in; Vancouver women are unapproachable, cold hearted kitten kickers. At least that’s the impression I get every time I see another shitty article about dating in Vancouver or hear from a guy who has NEVER attempted to approach a woman. It’s far, far easier just to say that women in Vancouver are unapproachable, […]

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How To Get A Girls Phone Number

You’re sitting there having a great conversation, so you decide to ask for her phone number before leaving; then her facial expression changes and she looks down briefly, and hesitates before saying “Um, maybe I’ll see you around?” You’re perplexed; what just happened? Everything seemed fine till you asked for her phone number, so what could be the […]

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One Tip To Kill Procrastination Without Any Effort Activation Energy Principle

This is an EASY tip to implement right now, not tomorrow. I mean NOW. This principle will help you: There are TONS of potential obstacles to getting work done and achieving your goals, but with this one tip you will eliminate some of the most insidious obstacles which you don’t even know are stopping you. As […]

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Man Tips How To Save Yourself From Choking When You’re By Yourself

This is what you should do if you’re choking by yourself. Learn it and teach it to your family as well. The technique is simple and easy to execute, and probably the only thing you will be able to do if there isn’t someone available to administer the Heimlich maneuver. Simple DIY first aid for […]

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Why Being The Asshole, The Nice Guy, and Being Yourself Never Seem To Work

I was at a bank once when the teller asks what I do for a living… I tell him, “I’m a dating coach for men”…(bracing his response like I normally do, which usually consists of them telling me about all their problems with women OR telling me that men just need to have some balls). […]

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Feminism Vs. Egalitarianism: How Can We Cultivate a Safer Society?

Violence has roots, so does suffering. Both feminists and egalitarians have suggested ways to cultivate a safer society. Yet, some people are surprised to learn that the practice of distributing compassion equally is an important way in which egalitarianism differs from feminism. This difference is tragically striking when it comes to the issue of child abuse. Unlike […]

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Romantic or Needy? The Real Reason Guys Get Tunnel Vision With Women

I got a msg from a friend the other night, he tells me, "I've got a crush on a girl I met at a work event." "Cool", I responded. "Ask her out." "I didn't get a chance to ask her out but I added her on Facebook. I'm not sure if I should ask her […]

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