Dan Bacon Interview - Dating & Relationship Expert

My interview with Dan Bacon from the 'Modern Man'. Dan is a dating & relationship expert who's been coaching men on how to make connections with women for more than a decade. Read below to learn: Can "ugly men" attract women? How to start meeting women when you have no dating options How to get […]

Becoming a modern man
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10 Best Self-Help Books on Relationships and Communication

To succeed in a relationship, you shouldn’t be looking at ways to change your partner - you should be looking at ways you can improve.  Self-help books on relationships and communication can help you become a better person. For yourself and your partner. Written by experts with years of experience in the twin fields of […]

Relationship communication books
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14 Best Psychology Books About Relationships

Learning about the psychology behind love and emotion will not only improve your relationships but also help you learn to improve yourself, increase your happiness, and boost your quality of life.

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10 Best Relationship Books For Couples

Relationships make life worth living by completing us and ensuring we take our life journeys with the love of our life.  But relationships require work and effort, and this is why turning to the 10 best relationship books for couples is helpful if you’re ever in a challenging situation.  It might be the case that […]

Best relationship books for couples
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10 Best Books on Relationships

Relationships are exciting and challenging. They’re everything that's so magical about life, which is why we’ve gathered together a list of the 10 best books on relationships right now.  The thing with relationships is they are like a stormy sea at times. And without a captain and a good ship, navigating that sea can be […]

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Can Ugly Men Get Dates? Why Looks Don't Matter

Are you a guy who is worried about your looks? You think you're either ugly or too average for the beautiful women you want to date. But do looks matter in a relationship? Listen To The Audio Version Here I'm going to explain why: Looks don't matter to women (much) What you do if you're […]

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10 Signs a Girl Is Wasting Your Time

How do you tell if a girl is interested in you? One way is by looking out for the red flags which tell you she is not. In this post, you will learn: How to know if a girl is interested in you How to know if a girl is using you How to know […]

10 Reasons She Is Wasting Your Time
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'How to get dates? Simple Conversation Openers

Do you want to get dates in a virtually rejection-free scenario? This is one of the simplest ways to meet women and get dates. And it avoids attracting unwanted attention. Listen To The Audio Version Here You'll learn: How to get dates without being "creepy" How to get a date with a stranger Start conversations […]

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Will White Women Date Asian Men?

Are you an Asian man who wants to meet and date white women, but think that white women will not date Asian men? Well me as a non-Asian man, I'm here to tell you that's false. And how do I know that? Well, the majority of my clients are Asian men, and a lot of […]

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Is Personal Development a Scam?

So, what is the actual value of personal development? Is it just a big scam to make money for a bunch of people who are gonna pump you up with a bunch of false promises and dreams? And a whole bunch of energy? Here The Audio Version Here Or does personal development actually have a […]

Is Personal Development a Scam?
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