Is She Really Out Of Your League?

'Sponsored Post' By Andrius Saulis One of the biggest excuses men make when they see a really beautiful woman is “She’s out of my league!” I hear it time and time again, from countless men all over the world. And it breaks my heart when I see men talk themselves out of approaching women who […]

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Online Dating Does Not Work For Me

If you're using online dating and you're not getting any matches or any responses to your messages, then you might be saying to yourself: online dating does not work for me. You're probably right. There are a number of different reasons why online dating may not be working for you. As a man, the odds […]

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How To Meet Women On Social Media

Have you been wondering how to meet women on social media? If you're hunting around on social media to try to meet women, it probably means you don't have a lot of options. Or if you're a guy who does have a lot of options, you're just trying to expand them. That's not necessarily a […]

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How To Meet Women IRL

Deciding you want to learn how to meet women IRL (in real life) is one of the best things you can do for yourself as a man. Why? Because it is a huge confidence booster. If you can walk out of your door anytime you want and meet someone in real life, no matter what […]

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How To Meet Japanese Women In America

Are you wondering how to meet Japanese women in America? Well, let me tell you that meeting Japanese women in America, aka the USA, is pretty easy. It's basically about figuring out where Japanese women hang out and then learning how to start conversations with them. In this post, you'll learn: And so much more. […]

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How To Meet Women In Vancouver

Vancouver is a great city, except for all the junkies everywhere. Aside from that, there's a lot of beauty to it. And obviously, there are a lot of beautiful women, which is why you may be wondering how to meet women in Vancouver. One of the common complaints I hear about Vancouver is that other […]

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Should You Pick Up A Girl On The First Date? (NO)

Should you pick up a girl on the first date? Well, if she's independent and don't need no man, then why would you? After all, she's your equal, isn't she? She can drive her damn self. But seriously, don't drive girls around unless you want to be their personal chauffeur. Also, let me guess: you […]

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Why Are Conversational Skills Necessary?

Why are conversational skills necessary? Unless you're a psychic or you have direct mind to mind or microchip to microchip communication, then you need conversational skills to be able to communicate what you feel and what you want to other people. A lot of people like to say they get the point quickly or they're […]

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Is Online Dating The Only Way To Meet Someone?

Is online dating the only way to meet someone? If you're asking this question, you probably haven't been outside in a long time. Hell, you can even go online and look at statistics. There are something like 7 billion people on this planet, and the vast majority of those people did not meet online. Online […]

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How To Meet Older Women

Every guy has their preference or their fantasy for the women they want to meet. And for a lot of guys, that's going to have to do with the age range. If you'd like to know how to meet older women, this is the post for you. No matter if you like the more mature […]

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