The 5 Best Marriage Counseling Life Coaches

Who are the best marriage counseling life coaches out there? We think they’ll have to be the five services covered in this article.

You’re about to learn:

  • Our top 5 best marriage counseling life coaching services
  • Why they’re the best, and what makes them unique from each other
  • Answers to a few frequently asked questions about marriage counseling

Let’s get to it:

The 5 best marriage counseling life coaching services

The following marriage counseling programs are the best you could hope for, and here’s why:

Our Relationship

Our Relationship

Our Relationship is a modern relationship counseling service that specializes in helping couples create healthier and more fulfilling relationships. Our Relationship uses evidence-based techniques to help couples identify their communication strengths and weaknesses while learning new ways to communicate effectively with one another.

Our Relationship has many online programs that address a wide variety of relationship problems that plague married couples. These programs are self-driven, meaning couples can specifically dive into a program that addresses their particular challenge.

You can learn more about Our Relationship and their proven programs on their website.



ReGain is a comprehensive relationship service that provides couples and individuals the resources to find greater satisfaction in their relationships. Through ReGain, individuals can access online counseling from licensed professionals who help them identify areas of concern and develop plans for improvement.

ReGain’s counselors also help couples communicate more effectively and resolve conflicts healthily. In addition to providing counseling services, ReGain also offers educational articles and podcasts that explore topics related to mental health and relationships.

Learn more about ReGain’s counseling services, which cater to individuals and couples, here.

Rethink My Therapy

Rethink My Therapy

Rethink My Therapy is a specialized counseling service that focuses on helping married couples overcome the challenges associated with long-term relationships. Through Rethink My Therapy, couples can receive help with communication strategies, conflict resolution, and rebuilding trust in their relationship.

Rethink My Therapy markets itself as an affordable option for getting virtual therapy. Its rates start at USD 99.00 a month, and they offer a 7-day free trial that anyone can avail of. Aside from providing help with relationship counseling, Rethink My Therapy’s counselors also help with bipolar disorders, grief and loss, addictions, depression, and women’s issues.

You can check out Rethink My Therapy’s website for more information.



Talkspace is an online therapy platform that lets users connect with licensed therapists in the US and Canada. It’s user-friendly for anyone to get mental healthcare anytime and anywhere they want.

TalkSpace offers several different subscription plans that allow for varying levels of access to a dedicated therapist, ranging from roughly $65 per week for weekly check-ins and full messaging support to $99 per week for unlimited messaging and 1-hour long video session each month.

With TalkSpace, users can purchase a one-time package or monthly subscription, which allows them to choose exactly which services they need to best match their individual goals and budget. Learn more at



MyCounselor.Online is an online counseling service that offers clients access to professional mental health counseling from the comfort of their own homes. Its uniqueness is that it provides Christian counseling services with a 100% risk-free guarantee. If you feel you need therapy grounded in Christian spirituality is what you need, MyCounselor.Online should be for you.

With a wide range of professionals across multiple areas of expertise and convenient accessibility, MyCounselor.Online is a good resource for anyone looking to get the mental health support they need at a price that works for them. Learn more at


Do you need relationship coaching?

If you and your spouse feel physically or emotionally disconnected from each other, or if there’s been a betrayal of trust between you lately, you might need relationship coaching. It’s also recommended if you have a nagging relationship conflict that you can’t resolve.

Are relationship coaches worth it?

If you and your partner want your relationship to succeed, but your current challenges rob you of all the joy and satisfaction, then a relationship coach will be worth it. They’re trained to help you find the solutions and provide the tools and accountability to see them through.

How long does most marriage counseling last?

Marriage counselors are different, and every couple brings a nearly-unique set of challenges. All told, couples committed to the therapy can get all they need after a few sessions.

Hire the Best Marriage Counseling Life Coach for You

To recap: the five best marriage counseling life coaches, in our opinion, are:

Most, if not all, of these counseling services (and many others out there) offer online therapy at reasonable prices. No need to schedule clinic visits and go through weeks of waiting time–pick a counseling service, sign up for free, and let them help you fix your relationship once and for all.

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