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Are you sick and tired of weekends alone, endless “swiping”, and dating advice that simply does not work?

You’ve worked hard on your career and have created a great lifestyle. You deserve better than being ghosted, going on low quality dates, or no dates at all. 

Start attracting 9’s and 10’s, and get an unfair advantage over every other guy who just “wings it”.


Learn how you can become the man who takes home women other men only dream of, and CHOOSE the relationship which is right for you. No more settling, no more weekends alone. 

Create instant attraction with women in any situation, and get dates which actually go somewhere, every week.

Romance is predictable, if you have the right system..  And you’re about to experience phenomenal results with a training program which will “blow up” your love life like you’ve never experienced before. 

Your Love Mastery Accelerator has been painstakingly developed over the last 12 years, to give you the most comprehensive strategy to meet, date, and KEEP “top shelf” women other guys only dream about. 

Through decades of my own experience going on more than 1000 dates and approaching more than 5000 women, plus observing hundreds of clients, live, talking to and approaching real women, I’ve boiled down the fundamentals which work for regular guys to get powerful results.

How Coaching Can Help You

Stop "Bleeding" Opportunities

Attract any woman, anytime anywhere, without being “creepy” or annoying (women will thank you!). With coaching you'll destroy your approach anxiety so your options with women skyrockets.

Don't Do it Alone

With one-on-one mentoring you don't have to "guess" what works. You'll get personalized one on one training to help you 10X your results. 

Your Roadmap to Success

Learn the absolute best way to attract 9’s and 10’s using a predictable attraction system which has been proven and developed by hundreds of men over 12 years

Get Your Dream Relationship 

“blow up” your love life by creating  massive abundance in dating options, so you can literally CHOOSE who you take home, date and get into long term relationships with. Never settle again.

How Long Are You Willing to Wait For Relationship Success?

You’ve tried it all before.

You’ve been on dating apps and the quality of the women you've met is, let's say, "not great". 

You’ve possibly tried dating girls from work, matchmakers, and random luck, but nothing seems to work.

You’ve been ghosted by countless women or you’ve been told, “you’re a nice guy” but for someone else, not her…

And now you’re in your thirties or forties and time is only passing faster.

You want an amazing relationship with a beautiful woman, and things are not going to change by themselves. 

Don’t you deserve the best relationship possible, with the kind of woman every man wants, but so few actually achieve in getting? 

It’s time for the change you deserve: No more ghosting, no more relationships with low quality women or women you are not attracted to. And no more “hoping” for change.


How Your Love Mastery Accelerator Works

  • Weekly coaching: See your coach in-person every week at your scheduled time. You'll talk to real women every week, and get instant feedback so you can improve after every conversation.
  • Live Demos: Watch your coach do live Demos, talking to beautiful women so you'll have an example to follow. Anything you're taught will be demonstrated so you can see how it works before doing it yourself. 
  • Your Love Mastery Accelerator is 100% customized for you: No cookie-cutter, "one size fits" all solution exist to help you achieve relationship success. That's why your program is custom tailored to your needs, experience levels, and rate of progress, so you can develop to your maximum potential in the shortest time possible. 
  • Proven Results: Your Love Mastery Accelerator has been developed for, and by, men just like you. Professionals who have  a great career but never learned the secrets of attraction that can literally change everything overnight. 
  • Mentorship: Get professional support so you learn and grow faster than by yourself. You'll be kept accountable so you never fall off track. 
  • Get Your Questions Answered: You'll have 7 days access to your coach to get your questions answered.
  • Pre-Date Coaching: Get the best dating experience possible with your pre-date game plan. Your coach will hop on a call with you so you can hit a home run.
  • Weekly Challenges: You'll get weekly challenges assigned by your coach so you keep improving between sessions. Learn through social exercises designed to build your confidence, step by step.

What My Clients Say

I've been on about 30 dates with at least 10 different phenomenal women in only a few months.

"Last year I went on 2 or 3 dates (in the full 12 months) and not much to speak of.

That was my life. I was frustrated that things were not clicking for me. I was single and I felt desperate to make things happen in this area of my life. There was so much fear about approaching a girl and letting her know I thought she was cute.

Fast forward to this year: I've been on about 30 dates with at least 10 different phenomenal women in only a few months. Not only that but I am having a ton of fun dating and in general feeling so confident about who I am as a person.

When I see someone attractive I now have the confidence to walk up to her and let her know

The person who deserves the credit for the massive change in this area of my life: Eddy. He's an incredible coach."

Nicolas  //  London, England

I have been able to get more dates over the past month, compared to the last year!

I’m a 32-year-old Software Engineer who likes solving tech problems. In the dating arena, I would overthink everything and I didn’t know how to express myself authentically as a Man. I felt that life was drip-feeding me dating opportunities, rather than being able to grab them myself.

Something had to change and Eddy inspired me to become better and challenged my outdated mindsets. I have been able to get more dates over the past month, compared to the last year! Just a few days ago, I even had an insta-date from an approach which then turned into a very memorable evening.

If you are considering coaching, I highly recommend working with Eddy. Trust in the process and put in the work and the results will come. Depending on your goals, the timescale may vary, but being mentally ready for the long haul will be helpful. A few months with an experienced coach can significantly alter your mindset and save years of frustration.

Ram  // Seattle, USA

One client who changed his love life

Client testimonial

Who is this for?

Your Social Mastery Accelerator is for men who are interested in having great relationships with high quality women. Whether for long term or short term. You decide. 

This is not a program for aspiring pickup artist. 

I typically work with men who have professional careers in engineering, software, tech or entrepreneurship. Although I've also worked with men in trades or other fields too. 

Coaching is by invite only. If you're reading this message it's because I believe you have what it takes to become a success with women. Sign up below to get started. 

My Story

Eddy Baller  //  Dating Coach & Entrepreneur 

 I’ve been coaching men since 2012, helping them achieve extraordinary results in their love lives.

I’ve written on “The Art of Manliness”, the POF blog, and have been on Global News among others, and have spoken on men’s issues at SFU. 

Me as a skinny teen with no confidence.

To get where I am today, I had to overcome social anxiety (imagine sweating every time someone talks to you) and depression (A dark cloud followed me everywhere I went).

I learned the hard way, by approaching over 5000 women, and going on over 1000 dates (yes, I had to hear “no” literally thousands of times to learn what works).

But getting rejected thousands of times taught me lessons nothing else could have possibly shown me. 

That dating can be standardized, and results can be made predictable.

The pyramid of my results is literally upside down (thousands of rejections suddenly turning into hundreds of successes). 

I discovered some unknown “hacks” that literally 10X’d my results overnight.

Suddenly, I went from maybe getting laid once per month (with a lot of effort) to getting 10 to 13 women every month, plus ongoing NSA relationships, and with much less effort. 

And in the end, I found my dream woman, and married her. Now I have a beautiful baby girl. And I did this using the exact same strategies and techniques you’re about to learn on your program. 

But you don’t have to face all of the rejections I faced early in my “career”. You can learn powerful attraction secrets which took me years to master, in a fraction of the time. 

My family. I met my wife with the exact same methods you'll learn.

In the years I’ve helped men master their love lives, I’ve helped over 300 men change everything and find the love they deserve.

Eddy Baller

Join the men I've been helping since 2011


Eddy’s program has been one of the best investments I have made.

“Eddy’s program has been one of the best investments I have made. Eddy has been a perfect mentor, coach and hype man to get me to take right action and change my life.”

Adrian  //  Toronto, Canada

One of the best investment I have done since immigrating here!

One of the best investment I have done since immigrating here! I always find Vancouverite attractive and interesting but felt intimidated and insecure, believing that there's no way they could be interested in an Asian immigrant (wrong stereotype, btw!) like me.

I felt like the only way I could find a decent date & gf is to go back to my home country. I didnt like that option nor the lack of fun interaction w woman.
Something had to change and Eddy inspired me to become better and challenged my outdated mindsets.

Doanh  // Vancouver, Canada

Another client who committed to coaching and is getting the benefits

Get Explosive Results With Women And Change Your Love Life Forever

Whether you're shy, feel "average looking" or unattractive, don't have experience or you're already confident but just need some guidance, your mentorship will help get you to the next level and beyond. 

Get your ideal partner, wife, girlfriend or lover and never spend another weekend alone. 

You will learn all of the skills you need to get your dream relationships, including:

  • How to approach women, start conversations and get dates in all situation
  • Relationship skills to help you keep "the one"
  • A texting blueprint so you don't lose dates sending the wrong messages
  • "Boss" level confidence which attracts women and gets respect from men
  • Advanced dating skills so women want to meet you for second dates and more
  • How to avoid the most common mistakes guys make which turn women off

And much more. Become the man who "get's the girl" and never doubt yourself again.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. Try coaching risk free now, and if you're not completely satisfied after your first session, you'll get a full refund. See full terms and conditions here

Eddy Baller

Frequently Asked Questions

How often will we meet?

You will have one coaching session per week for an hour each session. Coaching sessions are highly concentrated, and different skillsets will be broken down so you can learn in "small chunks".

This will help you absorb lessons as effectively as possible. You'll be assigned different challenges to keep making progress between sessions.  

You'll also be held accountable with follow ups from your coach, and an update schedule so you can stay on track.

Will we meet in person or online?

Sessions done in Vancouver and the lower mainland are conducted in person. You'll be talking to real women, every week with feedback and live demonstrations from your coach to help you improve. 

How long is the program?

The minimum commitment for your mentorship is 3 months. After the first three months you can continue your program month to month until you feel confident enough approaching women on your own. To receive the free Bootcamp there is a minimum 6 month program requirement (6 payments). 

What kind of results can I expect?

Individual results will vary based on your past experience, personal aptitude and consistency. 

Whatever point your starting from you can expect to be 100% ahead of where you are now. 

Some results from past students include: losing virginity, getting girlfriends and long term partners, one night stands, long term lovers, new levels of confidence as a man, regular dates and more. 

See the testimonials on this page for real feedback from past clients. 

What if I'm not good looking or young?

Looks and age are not the most important factors in attracting women. Your confidence and social skills are the keys to attracting quality women.

If you feel insecure about your looks you'll receive consultations to improve your fashion and fitness. You'll also get mindset training to improve your personal identity and self esteem. This will result you becoming more attractive and confident 

What makes this program different from other programs?

Your Social Mastery Accelerator has been in development since 2011. 

By seeing what actually works for hundreds of men for more than a decade,, I've developed the most effective system to meet and attract beautiful women available. 

I've also personally approached more than 5000 women, and met my own wife using the exact same blueprint you will learn. 

Unlike many programs out there, your mentorship is for real men like yourself, not "pickup artists". 

Your program is customized for you, and will always be one on one. Most training programs out there stuff you into a group with other men, which means you only get a fraction of your coaches attention, and very little if any customization.  

As you progress your program will be adjusted to make sure your development is as rapid as possible. 

This is a true personal development & relationship program which gets long term results. Not quick fixes. 

Will this help me have better relationships?

Yes! Meeting women and dating are only the first steps. You'll learn relationship skills and communication skills to become much more effective in long term relationships. As well as the confidence to keep your woman turned on by you and coming back for more. 

What are the free bonuses? 

A normal mentorship includes 1 hour of one on one training per week.

By joining now you will get DOUBLE the weekly training for the entirety of your program, plus 3 personal training sessions.

And you'll also get a free 2 day attraction Bootcamp if you complete a minimum of 6 months of training. 

How do the payments work?

Upon joining, by clicking on the "Buy Now" button, you will be charged immediately for the first 30 days of your mentorship. 

Then, you will be charged an equal amount every thirty days until you decide to complete your program. 

There is a minimum 3 month commitment (3 payments).

After 3 months it will continue month to month until you cancel. Cancellations must be made in writing by email, before your next payment. Please see the terms and conditions for more details. 

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