Top Asian Dating Coaches for Your Love Life

Who are the best Asian dating coaches? In our estimation, the six you'll learn about in this article are the best out there today. If you're Asian and need dating guidance from someone who can relate to what you're going through, you'll find them here.

The Top 6 Dating Coaches Who Also Happen to Be Asian

Check out the following Asian dating coaches and see which one (or two) is best suited to help you out:

#1. Jerry Tran

Jerry Tran

Also known as "The Asian Playboy," JT Tran teaches Asian men how to approach women with confidence and skill. His style is reminiscent of the pickup artist methods popular in the 2000s, although mellowed with good, old-fashioned Asian values.

Check out his website, ABC's of Attraction, to learn more about his work. If you're lucky, his bootcamp may be just around the corner.

#2. Aisen Li

Aisen Li

Another Asian dating coach for men, Aisen Li is all too familiar with the challenges Asian guys face in the American dating game. Out of Austin, Texas, Aisen helps men overcome limiting beliefs, confidence issues, and racial barriers in pursuit of meaningful connections with women. Learn more about Aisen and his work on his website,

#3. Ruby Le

Ruby Le

Rube Le is a TEDx speaker, Master of Marriage and Family Therapy, former eHarmony lead, and Asian dating coach. She's familiar with how hard Asian men have it in America, and has created a career out of helping them get what they want out of their dating life.

Check out her work on her website, She's got some videos about common issues men face, such as attraction (or lack thereof), how to set up the best first date, and how not to use dating apps.

#4. Stephanie Lee

Stephanie Lee

Stephanie Lee helps Asian-American individuals and couples who are struggling in their relationships. She's aware that Asians in America struggle with prejudice, cultural differences, and communication issues—and these make dating and relationships even more difficult.

If that sounds like what you're going through, then find out how Stephanie can help you at Meanwhile, if you're particularly interested in one-on-one coaching, check out her other website, titled after her pseudonym: "Miss Hitch."

#5. Sarika Jain

Sarika Jain

Sarika Jain is an Asian dating coach who helps smart, successful single women find the only thing missing in their lives—a happy relationship. She does this by helping her clients sort through the hidden issues that cause them to self-sabotage, and then unlock their inner beauty to become a magnet for love and success.

Sounds good? Then learn more about Sarika and her work by visiting her website. You just might relate to her story of unexpected heartache, her journey to healing, and finally finding that special someone.

#6. John Elite

John Elite

Are you an Asian guy who isn't really interested in relationships, but would really like to learn how to get a date? Then John Elite is probably the coach for you. He focuses on teaching Asian guys how to approach women during the day, get laid that same night, and everything that can happen in between.

If that sounds more up your alley, then check out John's website ( He has a free training video set up for you, as well as blog articles you can read. And if you're ready to get serious, John has courses on how to talk to a girl, body language, and texting.


Do dating coaches really work?

It takes two to tango. A dating coach works by identifying your goals, finding out why you're not achieving them, and helping you work through them so you'll get your desired results more easily. Whether or not they work will depend on how closely you, the client, follow their advice.

How much do dating coaches cost?

For one-on-one sessions, a dating coach can charge you $40 to $300 an hour or more. If you're on a budget, you might consider working with a coach who offers group consultations (check their schedule) or buy their courses and books.

Find the Perfect Dating Coach for You

This article introduced you to six of the best dating coaches who are proudly Asian in America. Did we miss anyone? If you feel we should have mentioned a particular coach here, let us know in the comments and we'll look into them.

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