Are Dating Sites Worth It?

Are dating sites worth it?

If you're a man, dating sites are worth it depending on which demographic you're in.

If you have above average statistics, you're going to have better chances. Now, what do I mean with above average statistics?

  • You're above 6 feet tall
  • You're good looking (that means you're going to have good looking photographs probably, or at least a great photographer to make you look good)
  • You're in the right age range

If you fall into any of these points, then dating sites definitely can be worth it because the top guys on dating sites will get the vast majority of women, including all the most attractive women.

What happens for average or below average guys is they end up with the scraps.

However, if you don't mind sorting through a lot of profiles to get some matches, dating sites can definitely be worth it even for an average looking guy. As long as you have your profile set up right.

Think about it: you get to find and select dates just by looking at your phone and swiping on a profile or sending connection requests, depending on which sites you're visiting.

The relative effort to go on a dating site and get a date isn't that high. But even if that's true, a lot of guys will find frustration on dating sites because of the fact that they're not really getting a lot of matches.

Another thing that can make dating sites worth it is if you're a very good marketer, because online dating is basically just online marketing.

You have to have good images, good numbers, and a good write up, aka your profile.

Another thing which can make dating sites worth it is that they're relatively low cost for what you're getting. Most dating sites even offer free accounts, so you don't have to pay anything at all.

Obviously, that also means you're going to also get a lot less of a selection.

So, are dating sites worth it? Well, it really depends on you. It depends on your photos, your stats, and how good you are at online marketing.

What do you think? Are dating sites worth it? Leave me a comment below. 

If you’ve got comments or questions, also leave them below.

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