Are Dating Apps Ruining Dating?

Are dating apps ruining dating?

Big statements like this are often made when people feel negative towards something because they got bad results in it.

For example, if you personally had bad results with dating apps, you might tend to think that dating apps are just ruining dating in general.

But is this true on a societal level? Is it actually ruining dating?

Well, if we look at social media in general (including dating apps), it definitely has had an effect on people's social skills and their confidence levels.

A lot of people will hide behind the computer screen and avoid real contact with people.

If you have a dating app on your phone, it's easier to start swiping on a whole bunch of different random profiles than it is to go talk to somebody in public.

That's definitely going to affect your social skills, because you're not going to be practicing how to meet people and build up your own courage, build up your confidence.

However, I think it's going to affect everybody in different ways.

It's not necessarily going to ruin you if you're using online dating, maybe it's a good thing for you, maybe you're getting lots of dates.

But for the majority of guys, it's not going to be the most positive experience, especially when you're filtered out by your age or your height.

Also, with dating apps, photos are key. If you don't have good photos, that's going to ruin your chances too. It seems like a lot of guys really don't know what a good photo looks like.

One negative thing about dating apps, which might be ruining dating, is that women have so many options.

They're bombarded every day by countless messages and connection requests, even when they're not that attractive. 

This wouldn't happen in real life. Dating apps also gamify the whole dating experience as well.

I think everyone gets an endorphin rush when they get a match, especially if the match is someone attractive.

It's the same thing as when you're getting likes and comments on your social media posts. That can be addictive in itself.

So, are people on these apps just for validation or do they actually want to get a date or relationship?

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