Are Dating Apps A Waste Of Time?

Are dating apps a waste of time?

If you're swiping endlessly trying to match with women on different dating sites or apps but you’re not getting any matches or connection requests, then that's something you should look into.

Or, it could be that even if you're getting some matches and online conversations, they go nowhere because every time you try to set up a date, these women disappear or they're "busy".

If that's you, then dating apps are definitely a waste of time. There can be different reasons for this.

You have to look at your photographs as well as your stats, including your height and your age, and even your profile to understand why you're not getting the dates you want.

Looking even further, you have to look at your messages.

Are you actually asking these women out on dates or are you having these prolonged conversations that last days or weeks and not actually asking them out?

If you're having prolonged conversations on online dating, that's definitely what I would call a waste of time. Your time could actually be spent on dates instead.

However, if you're a guy who's getting lots of online dates and you're not wasting time with online conversations, then dating apps are definitely not a waste of time.

Basically, everything comes down to the individual.

What do you think? Are dating apps a waste of time? Leave a comment in the comments section below.

That’s all for today. If you’ve got any comments or questions, leave them below.

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