Arash Dibazar Interview: Make Fast Decisions, Escape Mediocrity, Become Powerful

"Anybody anywhere can make a change in their condition".

Arash talks about how to make FAST decisions and the importance of speed in life, the media and the idea of bullying, as well as his philosophies on life, success, and being a man.

Originally from Iran, Arash has lived in numerous countries which has flavored his personality and perspective on life, and he rejects the conformity of average thinking which produces mediocre results. Arash is a martial arts instructor who founded his own fighting system, and he is also a world famous dating coach.

Arash is a man who lives by his philosophies and actually walks the walk, preferring to lead by example.

Arash doesn't mince words, and he speaks directly and honestly without sugar coating anything. High energy and high impact, he puts it all on the table.

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