15 Tips On How To Overcome Shyness (These WORK)

If you're shy, it can make socializing and meeting women difficult. But with some practice, you can overcome shyness and build your confidence.

In this post, you'll learn:

  • The top 15 tips on how to overcome shyness
  • How to boost your confidence with simple actions

And so much more. Let's jump into it.

15 Tips To Overcome Shyness

Here's a list of tips to overcome shyness:

#1. Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Public speaking will force you to get out of your shell, get on stage and talk in front of other people, which will work against your shyness.

#2. Learn How To Approach Women

Learn How To Approach Women

Learning how to approach women will not only get you dates, but it will teach you a bunch of other skills, including building your confidence.

#3. Talk To Everyone

Talk To Everyone

Focus on being a social man and talking to everyone to get more social practice.

#4. Eye Contact Game

Eye Contact Game

As you walk down the street, make eye contact with the people you walk by.

Obviously, don't stare. If they look away, then you continue on minding your own business.

But if a woman makes eye contact with you and smiles, then smile back.

#5. Networking Events

Networking Events

Going to networking events even if you don't have a business will force you to introduce yourself to other people, and get a chance to have a lot of conversations.

#6. Parties


Parties are a great chance to meet women, make new friends, and also have some fun.

#7. Dancing


Dancing will give you a chance to meet a lot of different women, have conversations, as well as practicing how to lead as a man.

#8. Improv Classes

Improv Classes

Improv classes will put you on stage and force you to think in a situation where you're under pressure.

#9. Acting Classes

Acting Classes

Acting classes will force you to think about how you use your body language and how you use your voice to convey a certain message to other people.

#10. Meetup Groups

Meetup Groups

One of the benefits of meetup groups is not only you'll get a chance to socialize, but you can actually go do something that you enjoy.

#11. Host An Event

Host An Event

Host a barbecue, a party, or basically any kind of event you want. By hosting an event, you'll be the one with the authority there, and it'll give you a chance to talk to a lot of different people.

#12. Act Confident

Act Confident

You may not feel confident yet, but do what a confident man would do.

Just by adopting that kind of body language, that kind of voice, and even the attitude that a confident man would have will make you feel more confident.

#13. "Good Morning"

Good Morning

Every morning when you go for a walk or even in the afternoon, just smile and say hi at people.

This is an easy opportunity to get out of your shell and start interacting with strangers.

#14. Ask For Directions

Ask For Directions

Even if you don't actually need directions, ask for them because it's going to put you in a position where you have to ask a stranger for something, and possibly get into a conversation as well.

#15. Join A Club

Join A Club

By joining a club, you have a chance to meet with other like minded people and actually get to know them by going to regular events. In the end, overcoming shyness is all about practice.

So just by taking action on a few of the tips on this list, it will give you a chance to start building your confidence and getting practice so you can overcome your shyness and walk without fear.

For more info on how to overcome shyness, check out this post.

Top 15 Tips To Overcome Shyness (Summary)

Here are the tips you need apply to overcome shyness:

  1. Get better at public speaking
  2. Learn how to approach women
  3. Talk to everyone
  4. Perfect your eye contact game
  5. Go to networking events
  6. Go to more parties
  7. Perfect your dancing skills
  8. Enroll in improv classes
  9. Get into acting Classes
  10. Make yourself a part of a meetup group
  11. Host an event
  12. Act like a confident man would
  13. Say “good morning" everyday when you go out
  14. Ask for directions (even if you don’t really need them)
  15. Join a club

If you have any questions or comments, leave them below.

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